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Back To School Supplies Your Kids Will Love

Aaaand just like that, it’s a new year and time to start thinking about Term 1 again! Whether your kids are excited about heading back to school and seeing their friends or aren’t ready to leave the beach yet, one thing is for sure – they will need the right school supplies to set them up for success!

There are so many things to organise this time of year, especially if you have more than one child heading off to school. When the booklists get handed out, they seem to get longer and longer every year! It’s easy to forget a thing or two!

To help you navigate through the back to school process we’ve put together our top picks for the best back to school supplies your kids will love. This includes the essential back to school supply list, with everything your kids really need for the most productive school year ahead!

What do I need for back to school?

With an abundance of school supplies available online, you may be wondering what do you “really” need to get your child ready for back to school? Aside from school uniforms, the other essentials generally include a school backpack, lunch box and any stationery such as pens and pencil cases.

So, where should you start? Once you’ve sorted their new school uniform (looking adorably smart in their little outfits!) it’s time to prepare the classroom essentials. It’s a good idea to check your email or visit the school prior to making any purchases, as teachers may send out their own back to school supplies list to help you shop.

Back To School Supplies List

Here’s a list of the essential back to school supplies you’ll need for Term 1.

Our Top Picks For Back To School

While the essentials are necessary, there are plenty of other fun school supplies that will reignite their creativity and make heading back to school a joy! These are our top picks for back to school supplies that help make learning an exciting adventure all year long.

1. Cute-As Library Bags

Keep their library books safe and protected with a cute-as library bag! Featuring a PVC coating, nylon inner and Velcro fastening, this bag also sports a name pocket and handle. The perfect accompaniment to their gorgeous school bag.

2. Street Art Stationery Set

Let them write all their notes, to-dos and thoughts or doodle away in this cool graffiti notebook! This awesome stationery set is the perfect option for kids who love to get their ideas on paper. Gorgeous for school or home, it will bring joy into the everyday. Best partnered with a matching pencil case, book cover and chair organiser for the complete eye-catching look!

3. Oh-So-Silky Crayons

Little artists will love creating their next masterpiece with these awesome 3-in-1 silky crayons. They can be used as a crayon, pastel or even watercolour – just by adding water! In 12 vivid colours, they are perfect for drawing, blending and painting on both card and canvas. Don’t worry about the mess, these crayons are specially formulated to wash straight off skin, clothing… and walls!

4. The Chillest Lunch Bag

With your lunch box and water bottle sorted, keep their food fresh with the chillest lunch bag around! These Cooler Lunch Bags are insulated and food safe with a pocket to slip an icy Chill Pack into for those long summer days.

5. Pack-A-Hug MaD Love Notes

As they head off back to school, there are moments when you wish you could be there for them and hold their hand. When you can’t, pack a big warm hug into their bag with a MaD Love Note! You can write a special heartfelt note on these little cards of joy or take cues from the jokes and messages to make their day!

6. Emergency Clean & Dirty Bags

Never get caught out again with a Clean & Dirty Bag! Suitable for little and big kids, these ‘thank-goodness’ bags keep your clean and dirty items separated until you can get to the washing machine. Perfect for kindy, preschool, daycare and adventures far and wide, these handy and adorably designed bags are water resistant and zipped to help keep the mess contained!

Where to buy back to school supplies online?

If you’re overwhelmed with the excitement of adding notebooks, pencils, and crayons to your cart, you’re not alone. On top of the nostalgia of completing your own school supplies, it can be a mixture of emotions as you send your little one off to school. That is why providing your kids with high quality school supplies is important in ensuring they have the best learning tools.

Spencil has a great range of back to school supplies online to suit every kid’s interest, passion and personality. Our school essentials are made with fun prints and gorgeous designs to help your kids shine without breaking the bank. Choose from our huge selection of affordable, reliable and funky products to support growth, learning and fun!

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