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Library Bags

Calling all book worms! This gorgeously designed library bag has room for all your kid’s essential books. Featuring a PVC coating, nylon inner and velcro fastening, this bag also sports a name pocket and handle. Your kiddo can take this cute and stylish library bag anywhere they want - library, dance classes, swimming, art classes, music lessons and more - all while keeping books safe and protected!

Library bags help your kids to learn, have fun, and use their imagination. Books are an essential part of childhood life, with kids' library bags used to bring knowledge home from the school environment. These bags may be simple in design, but they play an incredibly valuable role in your child's development. At Spencil, our library bags will inspire your child while helping them to stay organised throughout the day. Whether you have a motivated bookworm or a reluctant reader, our library bags help to inspire confidence through colour and fun.

Library bags for your little learners

Library bags are dedicated to books, with these colourful creations hungry for knowledge and ready for travel. Library bags are relatively small and simple in construction — holding books for children as they move between the school and home environment. If your child struggles with organisation, these bags are a great way to keep everything together in one place. We have a wide range of library bags to choose from, with multiple designs available for boys and girls of all ages. If you're looking for vibrant school library bags at a great price, we are here to help.

School library bags and more

At Spencil, we have a wide range of kids' library bags and other items in stock. We have big kids' bags, little kids' bags, and bag accessories. Along with library bags, we have drawstring bags, tech carry cases, backpacks, chair bags, totes and lunch bags . All of our products are designed to be fun, with colour and inspiration used instead of exclusive brand designs. From cute and cuddly animals to big dinosaurs, from space adventures to abstract patterns, our vibrant illustrations are fun, friendly and full of wonder.

We believe in functional designs, quality construction, and enticing imagery designed especially for children. All of our great bags are made with quality construction materials, durable zips and straps, and practical pockets and accessories. We also keep other items in stock, including essentials for school, play and everything in between. We have bag tags and key chains, pencil cases and stationery, and labels galore to inspire organisation. From the start of school to the next family holiday, personalised kids' bags from Spencil never go out of style.

The Spencil difference

At Spencil, we like to do things a little differently. Instead of branded designs, we operate a fun, sustainable business based on the daily needs of Australian kids. We love making kids happy, and do our best to help them feel connected and confident in any setting. We operate a family business from southeast Queensland, so you can rely on friendly local support and fast shipping anywhere in Australia.

If you're looking for the best library bags in Australia, please browse our product range or contact our team today.