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Little Kids Backpack

Little kids need little products, like this perfectly sized Little Backpack for growing bodies! A new and improved design, you’ll love the updated features such as a side zip pocket, D-loop for attaching bag tags or keychains and a padded top carry handle for little hands. It also sports a water bottle compartment, a compartment with laptop/tablet holder and middle zipped pocket for lunch bags and lunch boxes making this bag both super cute AND practical!


School backpacks for little ones

It’s a big year… your tiny tot is about to head off to preschool! While you get everything organised for their first day of school, you may be wondering what kind of backpack is best for your little kids. Here, we talk you through some options so your preschooler can have the best first day at school!

Why are backpacks important for kids?

School backpacks are an essential item for young learners. School backpacks help kids develop their organisational skills by sorting and remembering where to place their school items as well as a sense of responsibility by learning how to take care of their bags. With the right kids backpack, you can set your child up for school success by building a good school routine and study habits right from the start.

What should I look for in a school backpack?

A kids backpack is more than just a bag that holds their school items. It’s also their snack supply station, their playground bag, and a space to call their own. Kids use them day in, day out and these backpacks have to weather everything the kids can throw at them! That’s why it’s important to give your kids the best school backpack available. High-quality school backpacks ensure your children can carry their school supplies comfortably and are able to withstand the daily school routine.

Smaller backpacks for kindy and primary school

Although kids look adorable wearing oversized backpacks, they can put strain on your children’s shoulders and spine if the backpack isn’t the correct size. Our range of backpacks includes Little Kids Backpacks and Big Kids Backpacks, so you can choose the right size for your preschooler, primary school kids or tween!

Our Little Kids Backpacks are perfect for kindergarten, preschool and primary school. They are made from tough fabric with padded adjustable shoulder straps to support growing bodies. We’ve also included extra pockets and safety features for the little ones, as well as a name label, keychain attachment and side drink bottle sleeve.

Cute backpacks for boys and girls

As well as being functional, school backpacks also need to be fun! Kids develop a sense of identity throughout school and their backpacks are often an extension of their personalities. Cute backpacks with unique styles and patterns help them to show off their favourite animal, hobby or passion, allowing their personalities to shine.

We have a wide range of cute backpacks that boys and girls will love. Each of our designs are carefully crafted to match your kids interests and personalities. Whether they love cute animal prints, amazing floral designs, or stunning ocean themes, we have the right style for your kids!

Finding the right school backpack

Check out our handy guide to help you find the perfect school backpack for your kindy, primary or tween! We've done all the leg work for you.

Best range of kids school backpack in Australia

When it comes to finding school backpacks kids will love, we stock the best range of kids backpacks Australia has to offer. Durable, versatile and playful, our sturdy, kids school backpacks are packed with pockets, straps and gear loops to keep everything in place. From books and tech devices to food and clothes, our backpacks are designed to handle everything that life throws their way.

As well as backpacks for kids, we stock bag tags, key chains, pencil cases, stationery, and labels for your complete back to school supplies. Whether it's going to school, playing with friends, or spending time with family, our happy and colourful products are designed for functionality and made for fun!

Why choose Spencil for your kids' school backpacks?

When you shop at Spencil, you connect with a motivated and fun-filled team that thinks outside the box. Instead of branded designs, we believe in accessible creations based on everything that makes life great. Our kids' backpacks are designed to be enjoyed by Australian kids as they take on the big wide world. We’re a family business located in southeast Queensland, and everything we do is designed to inspire happiness and joy in your little people and ours.