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Bento Boxes

Lunch time = fun time with this reusable, leak-free, durable and food safe bento box to keep your kids' food fresh and mess-free! It's perfect for picky eaters, or kids who love variety (who doesn't?) with 6 different compartments including a removable 4 compartment inner sandwich tray. Leak proof seals for packing wet and dry foods side-by-side. Tapered, take-apart design for a complete clean. Fits perfectly in Spencil's Cooler Lunch Bags. Keep it cool with the Spencil Chill Pack. Lunch kit-sorted!

Do you want a neat, tidy and consistent lunch box solution? Are you ready to say goodbye to squished sandwiches and bruised fruit? Introducing the Spencil Bento Box — a modern lunch box solution based on a traditional Japanese design. At Spencil, we have affordable kids' bento lunch boxes in multiple colour variations. These compact containers turn lunchtime into fun time, with food kept fresh, damage-free and ready-to-eat throughout the day. Bento boxes offer a smart new take on the standard lunch box. These reusable and leak-free containers are 100% safe, highly durable, and mess-free. If you want to buy bento lunch boxes for a great price, we are here to help.

The bento box

A bento box is a compact container designed to hold multiple food dishes side-by-side in a single enclosure. Traditionally, these small boxes were used to hold a single serving of rice together with several side dishes. In ancient Japan, food dishes were wrapped in natural leaves, including magnolia and bamboo leaves. As this idea developed, structured wooden boxes came into use for extra protection. Even later, bento boxes with lids were developed with thin strips of bamboo or willow. In modern times, plastic, aluminium and wooden designs can be found throughout Japan and across the world.

Bento lunch boxes for kids

We offer kids' bento box products manufactured from Food Safe plastic materials, with all containers free from BPA and phthalates. These versatile lunch boxes have 6 compartments for food separation, or 4 compartments when you remove the internal tray. Our bento boxes feature multiple leak-proof seals, which means you can store wet and dry foods together but still keep them apart. If you're looking for a clever new lunch box, kids' bento boxes are a fantastic solution. We have multiple colours available, including blue, green, pink, teal and purple.

Why choose Spencil

At Spencil, we run an inclusive family business built on happiness and adventure. We reject ‘exclusive’ branded content and swap corporate labels for vibrant colours and sustainable business practices. From preschool to primary school and beyond, we offer inspiring designs throughout the childhood years. We always put the needs of your kids first and do everything we can to create fun-filled products to enjoy for years to come. Above all else, we love seeing young smiling faces ready to take on the big wide world. We are based in southeast Queensland and ship daily to homes across Australia.

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