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Chill Packs

Keep the kids' lunch cool as a cucumber with this handy chill pack. Certified food safe, this little pack of chill will ensure lunch stays fresh and crisp (and eaten!). The slip-on cover is machine-washable and it fits snug as a bug in Spencil's Cooler Lunch Bag - a match made in heaven!

Bundle up and save with a Spencil Cooler Lunch Bag + Chill combo pack! Or buy a spare so you've always got one frozen and ready to go.

Chill Packs For Kids' Lunches

Are you tired of your kid's lunch returning home all sad and soggy? Well, fret no more! Say hello to the Spencil Chill Pack – the ultimate lunchtime lifesaver! These cool ice bricks for kids' lunches are the secret to keeping their meals fresh, crisp, and oh-so-delicious!

Using an ice brick for your little one's lunch can be a real chill pill, but our chill packs are here to make things super easy-peasy. Just pop that bad boy in the freezer overnight and slip it into your kiddo's lunch bag in the morning. Voila! Their lunch will stay cool and refreshing until it's munch time!

But that's not all, folks! Our Spencil chill packs are certified food safe, so you can rest easy knowing your child's lunch is in safe hands. And guess what? We've got you covered with a snazzy slip-on cover that's machine-washable. Keep it squeaky clean and hygienic for endless lunchtime adventures!

Pair your Spencil Chill Pack with our Cooler Lunch Bag, and you've got a match made in lunchtime heaven! These bags are the coolest companions for our chill packs. They fit like a glove and come in fun, vibrant designs that'll make your kid the envy of the lunchroom. With this unbeatable combo, your child's lunch will stay fresh, cool, and oh-so-stylish all day long!

Psst! We've got an amazing deal for you. Check out our Spencil Cooler Lunch Bag + Chill Pack Combo and save some serious lunchtime dough! Or grab an extra chill pack, so you're always prepared and have one ready to rock and roll.

Proven to last through even the hottest Aussie days, invest in a Spencil Chill Pack and keep your kid’s lunch as cool as a cucumber! With our food-safe and machine-washable chill packs and oh-so-stylish cooler lunch bags, your kiddo will be the talk of the lunch table. So, why wait? Get your hands on these awesome lunchtime essentials today!