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Big Kids Backpacks

The essential backpack with everything today's kid needs! The new and improved design makes it even more perfect for Primary and Tween aged kids. Our Big Backpack sports a water bottle compartment, side zip compartment to keep their phone safe, inner padded pocket for a laptop/tablet and D-loop and lobster clips for bag tags and clipping coin purses and wallets. With a design to fit every child's style, this bag is both super cool AND practical.

Backpacks are an essential part of life for every child. Whether they're used for school, weekend adventures, or family holidays, kids' backpacks provide the perfect balance of functionality and adventure. At Spencil, our backpacks have been designed to promote joy and confidence through the magic of illustration. We have fantastic creations for every age group and personality, including space themes, animal designs, and awesome patterns inspired by play and nature. If you're looking for the best backpacks in Australia, you've come to the right place.

Kids' backpacks loved by all

Packing your very own backpack at the start of the day is a memory shared by every parent. These highly versatile bags have been in circulation for decades and they're more popular than ever before. With lots of space, multiple pockets and twin straps, these backpacks are comfortable and ready to handle the rigours of school life. From books and tech devices to food and clothes, Spencil backpacks are designed to handle everything that life throws their way.

At Spencil, our school backpacks are the very best. They are strong enough to meet the demands of everyday living and colourful enough to spark joy in any environment. We sell a wide range of kids' backpacks online, with multiple products available for complete personalisation. You can choose school backpacks for your children based on colour, age group, theme and design options. Our backpacks are designed for fun and ready for life.

Lots of awesome products

All of our products are designed to inspire the imagination. We don't believe in exclusive brand designs, with our business focused on universal colours, vibrant patterns and playful designs inspired by the big, wide world. All of our bags are made with quality materials, including zips, straps and pockets.

Along with great bags for little and big kids, we stock bag tags, key chains, pencil cases, stationery, and labels, among other products. Whether it's going to school, playing with friends, or spending time with family, our happy and colourful products are designed for functionality and made for fun.

The Spencil difference

When you shop at Spencil, you connect with a motivated and fun-filled team that thinks outside the box. Instead of branded designs, we believe in accessible creations based on everything that makes life great. Our kids' backpack products are made to be enjoyed by Australian kids as they take on the big wide world. We’re a family business located in southeast Queensland, and everything we do is designed to inspire happiness and joy in your little people and ours.

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