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Lunch Bags

Keep your kids' food fresh (and fun!) with this super cute lunch bag! Perfect for fitting the Spencil Bento Box! With food-safe silver lining, name card, BPA and Lead-free— this is your go-to lunch bag for school and play! Want to know if your lunch box fits? Check our handy size guide.

Keep School Lunches Cold with Spencil’s Kids Lunch Bags

School Lunch bags are a constant part of life for every school-age child. The usefulness of these simple containers is sometimes underrated, as they help to keep your kids nourished and fulfilled as they go about their daily activities. Food is an essential part of school life, with kids lunch bags used to protect items from damage and keep them cool throughout the day.

At Spencil, we have a huge selection of colourful kids' lunch bags to choose from, including big lunch bags for the big kids at primary and high school, and little lunch bags for littler kids at kindy or early primary school. To keep their lunch cool all day, combine your child's favourite insulated kids lunch bag with a chill pack, so your kids can enjoy fresh, delicious food anytime! If you want to buy kids' lunch bags, you're in the right place.

Kids Insulated Lunch Bags in Fun Designs

No matter what age your kids are, lunch is the most important meal of their day to ensure that students have the nutrition needed throughout the school day to learn. However, perishable food needs to stay cool and fresh to minimise the risk of being spoiled. Disposable paper and plastic bags are unable to retain the temperature of foods held inside, and will ultimately warm or drop to room temperature, increasing the risk of foodborne illness.

Insulated lunch bags help maintain food at a safe temperature until lunchtime. So why do you need to keep your kid’s food cold? Foodborne illnesses can multiply rapidly at temperatures between 5°C and 60°C. If your kids leave for school in the morning, you’ll need a kids lunch box cooler to keep their food cold - and lunch cooler bags are the perfect storage solution for that!

Unlike the plastic or brown lunch bags, a good lunch cooler bag can keep your food warm or cold longer. Our insulated lunch bags can also prevent food from going stale. Spencils Lunch Cooler Bags are excellent at retaining heat and preserving freshness due to their embedded insulation.

Here at Spencil, we want every lunchtime to be a fun-time for your loved ones. Our kids lunch box coolers are available in a wide range of adorable designs that will perfectly match their personalities! From ocean wonders, wildlife, and magical horses, to cute floral prints, we’ll make sure they’ll love bringing their lunch cooler bag to school.

Spencil insulated lunch bags are compact, portable, and ready to go. Our kids lunch box coolers feature aluminium food-safe insulated lining and long-lasting durable fabrics to keep contents fresher for longer. They also feature a clear name card pocket so there are no more missing lunch boxes during breaks! These lunch cooler bags kids fit into their day, so they can grab a bite wherever the day takes them.

School Lunch Bags with Dinosaurs, Horses & Unicorns!

School lunch bags have one fundamental purpose — to protect food from damage. In order to keep food delicious and safe for eating, you need to protect it from bumps, bruises, and environmental damage. Just like school backpacks and library bags protect books, school lunch bags keep your kids meals fresh and delicious. When your kids' lunch bag is colourful and personal, you can fill kid’s lunchtime with wonder and joy.

At Spencil, we create awesome school lunch bags that are made for fun. If your child struggles with organisation, kids lunch bags wil keep all their food together in one place. If they feel a little lost or alone in the busy school environment, these bags add a little touch of home.

We have a wide range of lunch bags to choose from, with designs available for boys and girls of all ages. We have bags for little and big kids, including drawstring bags, library bags, tech carry cases, backpacks, chair bags, totes, and clean and dirty bags to keep items separated. If you're looking for fresh and vibrant kids lunch bags at a great price to make their school and everyday kit complete, we have exactly what you need!

Why Choose Spencil

At Spencil, we love to inspire Aussie kids with great products for school, play and everything in between. We believe in great products, accessible prices, and fast shipping across Australia. We run an inclusive family business with strong ethics and a growing product range. Instead of focusing on ‘exclusive’ branded content, we like to mix things up. We put your kids first by replacing labels with vibrant colours and natural designs. We are based in southeast Queensland and ship daily to homes across Australia.