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Chair Bags

Turn your kid's ordinary school chair into an added storage space with this super-cool chair bag. It’s durable, it’s spacious and it can fit most school and kids chairs! What's more? The front name label pocket gives a personalised touch and decreases the likelihood of it ending up in ‘lost property’! The design has also been updated with a 35mm gusset to increase roominess and reinforced stitching to make sure it can withstand those heavy books. Less replacements = happy days!

Chair bags are an essential part of school life in Australia. These unique bags are designed to hang directly over chairs, with their contents easily accessible during class. At Spencil, we have a wide array of colourful chair bags online for your kids to enjoy. Our products are highly functional and designed to inspire your children as they learn. From pinks and blues to camo and nature creations, we create fun chair bag illustrations for the girls and boys of Australia. Chair bags have pride of place in many school environments, so it's important to buy something special that your child will love.

Chair bags add personality

A chair bag is a large, flat bag that fits on the back of a school chair. These bags are popular in many primary school environments because they're easy to access without leaving the desk. Kids' chair bags are designed to hold a number of everyday school items, including books, folders, paper, and stationery. At Spencil, we have a wide range of kids' chair bags to choose from, with all of our products easy to browse based on multiple category selections. If you want to inspire your child with fun designs and vibrant colours, our chair bags are a great option. It's never been easier to personalise your child's learning space.

Kids' chair bags and more

At Spencil, we have a huge variety of kids' bags to choose from, so you can buy the perfect design for your boy or girl. From unicorns and rainbows to motorbikes and sharks, you can find inspiring designs that match your child's personality. Along with chair bags, we have a complete selection of bags and schooling products, including big kids' bags, little kids' bags, and diverse bag accessories. Along with chair bags, we have library bags, drawstring bags, tech carry cases, backpacks, totes, lunch bags, and clean and dirty bags. If your child finds a design they love, you can buy an essentials kit for the ultimate in consistency and style.

Why choose Spencil

At Spencil, we run an inclusive family business dedicated to kids and everything that makes them happy. We’re continually adapting and evolving to meet the needs of your children, with designs updated all the time and new items added to our growing product range. There are some things that will never change, however, including our rejection of ‘exclusive’ branded content for children. Instead of corporate labels, we believe in vibrant colours and sustainable business practices that put your kids first. We are based in southeast Queensland and ship daily to homes across Australia.

If you want to buy chair bags and other awesome products for school and home, please make an order or reach out to our team for more information.