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How to Keep Your Kids Lunch Box Cold

When it comes to our kid’s lunch at school, nothing beats a freshly made meal prepared with love. We spend a great amount of time coming up with exciting and healthy lunch ideas for our little schooler to make sure they actually eat it. However, getting lunches packed is only half the battle. Another challenge we have to face is making sure their meals stay fresh till lunch time. We need to make sure that their sandwich stays safe to consume when it’s time for lunch.

Why is it important to keep your kids lunch cold?

No matter how tasty looking the food is, the reality is that harmful levels of bacterial growth can quickly accumulate in the food if it is not stored at a safe temperature and result in food-borne illness. When you prepare that lunch and give it to your child in the morning, it may have reached unsafe levels by noon.

Chill packs for kids lunch are essential in keeping your children’s lunches cold in order to avoid foodborne disease caused by the growth of hazardous bacteria. Without a kids cooler lunch bag, bacteria can spread quickly and cause food poisoning when perishable items, such as meat, dairy products, and eggs, are kept at room temperature for an extended period of time. Remember that your kid’s immune system is still developing, making them more vulnerable to foodborne illnesses so it’s best to pack their bento box with an ice brick.

To prevent bacteria growth, keep cold foods cold (below 40°F or 4.4°C) and hot foods hot (over 140°F or 60°C) while packing your child’s lunch. Refrigerated foods should be kept in an insulated kids cooler lunch bag with a chill pack for kids lunch to keep them at a safe temperature.

How to keep your kids lunch box cold?

Nothing spoils the appetite more than a stale sandwich. It’s not appetizing and certainly not healthy. When their meals are kept in the ‘temperature danger zone’, harmful germs can thrive. Cooked foods should be kept above 60 degrees and chilled foods below five degrees to reduce this risk. You can make sure your child eats lunch at school or while on the go while remaining healthy and safe by taking the essential measures to keep their lunch cool. There are several methods for keeping your children’s lunch boxes cold.

Use an insulated lunch box.

Using a kids cooler lunch bag with insulation features will keep the contents colder for longer. Look for a lunch box that has a thick layer of insulation and a sturdy zipper to keep the chilly air inside. Keep your kids’ food fresh (and fun!) with Spencil’s adorable lunch bags!

This is the perfect companion for the Spenci bento box! With a food-safe silver lining, a name card, and being BPA and lead-free, this is your go-to lunch bag for school and play! Plus, they are also machine-washable for a hassle free clean up!

Use ice packs.

Another way to keep your kids lunch box cold is with a bento box with ice brick. Simply place one or two frozen ice packs inside their kids cooler lunch bag. This will help to keep the contents cool all day. The Spencil Chill Pack goes perfectly with our Kids Cooler lunch bags. This 4 layer aluminium gel pack is certified food safe and comes with a handy machine-washable cover that parents will appreciate, as well as the fact that it keeps your child’s lunch cool all day!

Just place the Spencil chill pack for kids lunch in the freezer overnight. Place the chill pack in their kids cooler lunch bag with the food in the morning. The Chill Pack will keep the lunch box chilly as it melts.

Freeze cold foods overnight.

If you’re bringing foods that can be eaten cold, such as yoghurt or fruit, freeze them overnight and store them in the lunch box in the morning. They will defrost by lunchtime and contribute to keeping the lunch box cool.

Wash kids cooler lunch bag thoroughly. 

To avoid bacteria growth, always thoroughly wipe out the lunch box and any containers after each use. Have your child unpack their lunch bags as soon as they arrive home from school and throw away left over food or clean crumbs or spills. If you leave it overnight, you may find yourself with a bad-smelling, sticky, dirty lunchbag. Leave the bag open and facing down on the dishrack overnight to ensure it dries out fully before being packed again the next morning.

Why choose the Spencil lunch range?

Spencil’s Lunch collection is both useful and adorable. Our fantastic range of kids cooler lunch bags is designed to keep your child’s food fresh throughout the school day. They are the perfect size for your child’s bento box  and include a zipped pocket for chill pack for kids lunch. The best part is you can get these all great features in one combo! You can save money when you buy a Cooler Lunch Bag and a Chill Pack. We’ll have your kid’s lunch stuff sorted with Spencil leak-proof, easy-open Water Bottle or Bento Box, an insulated food safe Lunch Bag, and an icy cold Chill Pack!

Need more proof of how wonderful the Spencil cooler-lunch-bag-chill-pack is? Here’s what our parents love about the chill pack:


Verified Customer

Big Cooler Lunch Bag + Chill Pack – Colour Drip

Perfect size, quality is really good, and the pattern is exactly what we were after. Absolutely love that we can get other matching items as well!

Kathleen.- Verified Customer

Big Cooler Lunch Bag + Chill Pack – Cyber Pop

The lunch bag is roomy with plenty of room still left in the school bag. Easy to clean, and the chill Pack comes home still frozen. Great product.

Nicole – Verified Customer

Big Cooler Lunch Bag + Chill Pack – Beach Blooms

Lunch box is great quality and fits a lot in it and the ice pack stays cold all day

You’ve just prepared the tastiest and healthiest meal for your kid. Make sure their packed lunch stays fresh and warm/cold for when it’s time to eat to give that lunch the best chance of ending up in their tummies and not the bin! Choosing one of Spencil’s best range of kids cooler lunch bag with chill pack is a great way to make lunchtime exciting, delicious and food safe for your little one. Pick from our adorable designs to add more excitement to every lunch time. Whether you’re looking for an ocean, floral, horse or dinosaur theme, there’s a gorgeous design just for you.

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