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Be amazed by Spencil's functional and fun Lunch range. Whether you're in need of a leak-proof, easy open Water Bottle or Bento Box, an insulated food safe Lunch Bag or an icy cold Chill Pack for long summer days, we've got you covered. Great lunch gear = happy lunch times. 

Kid’s Lunch Time Essentials

You’ve just made a healthy and tasty lunch for your kid’s school day and now it’s time to pack it! When it comes to packed lunches, there are a few things that are essential for kids. They’ll need a lunch bag that is big enough to fit recess, lunch and after school snacks if they’re heading off to sports practice etc. You’ll also want to make sure their food stays fresh and warm/cold for when it’s time to eat.

An insulated lunch bag is a great way to make lunchtime exciting, delicious and food safe for your little one. Lunch cooler bags provide thermal insulation properties that help maintain the temperature of any contents, keeping cold items chilled and hot items nice and warm.

Insulated lunch bags keep food fresh

Perishable food shouldn't be left at room temperature for longer than two hours, or one hour if the temperature is above 32°C, because of the danger of foodborne illness. Temperatures between 5°C and 60°C are considered the danger zone, where harmful bacteria can multiply rapidly and cause illness.

Our great range of kids insulated lunch bags are designed to keep your child’s food fresh throughout the whole school day. They are the perfect size to fit your kids bento box and come with a zipped pocket to house your chill pack or ice brick. 

We also have combos available, so you can bundle up and save on a Cooler Lunch Bag and Chill Pack in a wide variety of designs. Add a kids water bottle in their favourite matching design and you are all set for happy lunch time!

Here’s why the Spencil lunch collection is the best

Size - Choosing the right size of insulated lunch bags and bento lunch box is important in making sure the food is packed well inside the bag. Whether it’s for your tiny tot who just started going to preschool or your 6th grader, there’s a Spencil Little and Big Lunch Bag and Drink Bottle to choose from!

Our Big Cooler Lunch Bags come in a larger size, and with the Big Chill Pack inserted, the Spencil Big Bento Box also fits perfectly with room to spare. With an aluminium food-safe silver lining, a back zip pocket that perfectly fits the Big Chill Pack, a name card pocket (and an additional inside pocket for 'Love Notes'!) this is your go-to lunch bag for school and play!

Insulation - Spencil’s insulated lunch bags provide good insulation to keep food at the correct temperature until throughout the school day. Our bento lunch boxes are also a great option as they allow you to pack a variety of different foods that can fit in one neat container without any spillage!

Cute Designs - Kids can be picky about recess, but with fun lunchbox and water bottle designs, each lunchtime will be filled with excitement! Whether you’re looking for an ocean, floral, horse or dinosaur theme, there’s a gorgeous design just for you.

Easy To Clean - Above all, the Spencil lunch collection is designed with one thing in mind - to make life as easy as possible for parents! Most products are dishwasher safe and our lunch bags can even go through a gentle washing-machine cycle for a deep clean every now and then.