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4 Things to Consider When Choosing a New Lunch Box and Water Bottle for the Kids

Water bottles and lunch bags and bentos, oh my!

Shopping for kid’s lunch essentials sounds easy enough, but in reality, determining the best picks for your little ones can be a (time-consuming) challenge. In a sea of Lunch Boxes and Water Bottles, how do you determine what’s truly worth the coin?

While we’re sure you’d love to spend the little downtime of your days researching lunch wear (not!)… we’ve taken it upon ourselves to collate some important considerations when it comes to choosing the goods. Then, we’ve graded our products based on their ability to meet these considerations.

You’re welcome.

Happy reading!

When Choosing a New Lunch Box and Water Bottle for the Kids Consider the Following:

  1. Does it minimise waste?

When we consider this semi-broad criterion, we’re talking about; time waste, money waste, food waste and non-biodegradable waste (e.g. glad wrap or tinfoil). Ideally, for both you and the planet your purchased Lunch Box or Water Bottle for the kids should make your life easier by reducing some, if not all waste.

  1. Does it keep food or water safe?

This comes down to whether the Lunch Box or Water Bottle in consideration is; BPA-free, equipped with leakproof/air-tight seals to keep food and water free from outside and cross-contamination.

Whether the item is insulated/has the ability to hold food at a safe temperature, is another important consideration when choosing food storage products.

  1. Is it leakproof?

Is the lunch wear fit with leak-proof seals or made of an appropriate fabric to contain any potential food-related mess?

  1. Is it easy to clean?

Because even with an epic design and all the leak-proof seals in the world, kids are messy (bless them!). How easy is the Lunch Box or Water Bottle in question to clean at the end of the day or week? Can you do it in 5 minutes? We hope so!

Grading our Lunch Boxes and Water Bottles for Kids

  1. Big and Little Cooler Bags
Minimises WasteYesOur Big and Little Cooler Bags eliminate non-biodegradable and financial waste that would be incurred from purchasing and using non-reusable lunch bags (paper and plastic zip-lock).   The insulated lining of the box means food stays fresher and cooler for longer, especially when paired with one of our Big or Little Chill Packs. Effectively reducing instances of food coming home uneaten, spoiled and needing to be binned.
Food SafeYesThe aluminum, insulated lining in the interior of our Big and Little Cooler Bags is 100% food safe.   When paired with our Chill Packs, our Cooler Bags are capable of storing food at a safe temperature the entire school day.
Leak-ProofYesThe aluminum lining and zip closures in our Cooler Bags are likely to prevent any food-related messes from spreading through their school bags.
Easy-CleanYesCooler bags can easily be wiped down with a damp cloth and regular detergent after daily use. They’re also machine washable for an easy deep clean. Wash on a cold/delicate cycle with washing powder only. Always sundry!
  1. Big and Little Bento Boxes
Minimises WasteYesOur Big and Little Bentos’: storing all the compartments you need to pack an awesome lunch and reduce all forms of waste in one nifty little Lunch Box!   Reduce financial, time and non-biodegradable waste incurred from purchasing and packing lunches using Tupperware and non-reusable food storage materials.   Reduce food waste from cross-contamination, with separated compartments and leak-proof seals, which keep different textured foods separate.
Food SafeYesOur Bentos are BPA and phthalates free, AKA food safe!   Additionally, built-in compartments that separate different textured foods and the leak-proof seals in the bento, keep food safe from outside and cross-contamination.   Pair your Bento with a matching-sized Cooler Bag and Chill Pack to keep food at a safe temperature all day long.
Leak-ProofYesLeak-proof seals in the Bento mean you can pack creamy lunch foods (like yogurt and dips) without having to worry about spillage. Just be sure not to overfill compartments to give leak-proof seals the chance to work.
Easy-CleanYesThe inner tray and lid of the Bento can be removed and washed in the top rack of the dishwasher.   This makes it easy to then give the outer box a quick wipe or wash using warm water and detergent.
  1. Big and Little Water Bottles
Minimises WasteYesTaking just a few seconds out of your morning to fill up, it’s well worth replacing single-use water bottles with our Big and Little Water Bottles for kids.   Purchasing a reusable Water Bottle will save you money and reduce your contribution of unnecessary non-biodegradable waste.
Food SafeYesOur Water Bottles are BPA-free. AKA, food and water safe.
Leak-ProofYesAll our Water Bottles for kids are fit with leakproof seals.   The hidden straw design of our Little Water Bottle makes it virtually impossible to spill water unless of course it’s left open. With easy closure even for little hands, this is quite an unlikely scenario.    Our Big Water Bottle is fitted with an easy open/close lockable lid to prevent spillage.
Easy-CleanYesSimply wash our Water Bottles in warm soapy water with a soft brush for a thorough clean.
  1. Big and Little Chill Packs
Minimises WasteYesPaired with our Cooler Bag, there is no better combo to reduce food waste.   Our Big and Little Chill Packs are renowned for keeping lunches fresh and cool the entire school day. We’ve been advised that Chill Packs have been returning home from 35 degree Australian summer days still frozen!
Food SafeYesChill Packs keep food at a safe temperature by refrigerating it all day long. No need to worry about the possibility of your little ones eating spoiled meat or dairy.   The pack and cover itself are also made from certified food-safe materials. 
Leak-ProofYesProviding you freeze your Chill Pack without its cover on and ensure it is 100% dry prior to use, it will not dampen your lunch box.
Easy-CleanYesThe cover of your Chill Pack is machine washable. Remember to sundry before use to avoid dampening your lunch box.

We’re not pulling your leg when we say, we’ve worked long and hard to develop lunch wear with all the features MaD’s love and need.

Designed in collaboration with you, for you to make your life easier and guaranteed to stand the test.

Check out our awesome range of Lunch Boxes and Water Bottles for kids!

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