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How To Pick The Best Backpack For Back-to-School

Kids backpacks with gorgeous designs and unique styles are a great way to get children excited about going back to school. Your kid’s school backpack will probably be the hardest-working item their school supplies, bearing the brunt of all the heavy lifting day in and day out of the school year!

Because your child will be busy with a whole host of different activities throughout the day, their school backpack needs to be tough enough to withstand the adventures of a busy day! That includes traveling to and from school, being squashed into locker storage and your little one’s (potentially rough) treatment.

That is why choosing the right backpack for your child is essential in ensuring they have the best learning experience at school. Weather your child is starting kindergarten this year or heading back to school in primary or high school, they’ll need a great kids backpack. Here’s how to pick the best backpack for back-to-school!

Tips for Choosing the Right Kids Backpack

With so many kids backpacks in Australia to choose from, there is no shortage of children’s backpacks in the market. However you’ll find there is a huge difference in the quality of materials, the functionality and the level of comfort for your child.

Inexpensive, low-quality childrens backpacks typically don’t last long and you’ll likely have to spend more money to replace them before the end of the school year. That’s why investing in a high quality school bag that is the right size for your child is important.

Initially, you would want to look inside and outside the backpack to ensure the bag doesn’t have any of the following:

  • Loose, uneven, or careless stitching that could easily come undone
  • Raw or frayed fabric edges that could unravel
  • Openly exposed or poorly attached zippers (opt for zippers that have fabric flaps over them to keep elements out of the bag)

How Do I Find the Right School Backpack?

Not every backpack is created equal. Each has different features and advantages, and as your children progress through school, their backpack needs will change. It’s best to choose a versatile backpack with plenty of compartments that will suit your child’s needs. Here’s what to look for in a school backpack:

  • Backpack Size – when choosing the right school backpack size, the bag shouldn’t be wider that a child’s chest and shouldn’t extend past their shoulders when they sit down with it.
  • Bag Construction – a school bag needs to be sturdy and reasonably water-resistant (or have a rain cover). The material should be firm to prevent sagging and the base should be reinforced to survive busy school days.
  • Backpack Fit – a good quality kids backpack should have an adjustable hip or waist strap to ensure that the weight rests on the hips and pelvis instead of the shoulders or spine. Compression straps at the sides of the bag also draw the load together and bring it close to your child’s back, heping to stabilise the bag’s contents.
  • Pockets & Compartments – choose a children’s backpack with plenty of pockets, a laptop sleeve, and other compartments that are important for your child’s schooling needs. Smaller compartments are great for keeping phones safe, while D-loops and lobster clips ensure wallets and bus passes are kept snuggly in place.

What Size Backpack Is Best For School?

As a general rule, children should carry no more than 10% of their body weight in a school backpack. For example, a primary school kid on average will weight 20–40kg, making 10% of their body weight 2 to 4kg. By the time you add in textbooks, a laptop, pencil case, lunchbox and water bottle, the weight of the bag quickly adds up!

A school bag that’s too heavy can affect your child’s posture when they lean further forward to compensate for the weight. Over time, this unnatural position may cause them to develop shoulder, neck, and back pain. In more serious cases, carrying a heavy pack can make your child more likely to fall, particularly on stairs or other places where the backpack puts the them off balance.

Whether it’s a backpack just for school or one they can bring wherever they go, make sure it fits them well. The backpack’s width should be relatively proportionate to their width. For example, small children should not wear an adult-sized backpack. Meanwhile, the height should extend slightly above the waist or from about two inches below the shoulder blades to waist level.

Luckily, kids backpacks come in a variety of sizes, so you can find the right fit for your child. Our extensive range includes Big Kids Backpacks and Little Kids Backpacks, making it easier to pick your favourite design and the perfect size backpack for your child. Once you’ve choosen your child’s backpack, adjust the straps and pack their school supplies so the weight is distributed evenly. 

How to Choose the Best Kids Backpack

Choosing a backpack for school can be a lot of fun. For the best kids backpack, think about your child’s style and consider important factors like fit and functionality. Follow these tips to make sure your kids backpack will work well for them:

  • Inspect the Straps – make sure the backpack has two straps to distribute the weight evenly and prevent muscle strain. The best backpacks for kids have padded straps to maximize comfort.
  • Test Zippers – the zippers should run up and down smoothly every time. Make sure backpack zippers don’t get caught on anything.
  • Check the Seams – children’s backpacks are used and treated roughly day in and day out, so you need one that’s made well and extremely durable. Frayed seams or poorly sewn seams are likely to give way with just a little bit of wear.
  • Ensure Adequate Storage – make sure the backpack has enough pockets to organise all the things your child will need throughout the day and for after-school activities.
  • Opt For Easy to Clean Materials – food scraps, rubbish and spills inside your kids backpack is inevitable. Look for a backpack that’s easy to clean so you can easily restore the bag to its former glory when accidents happen.

When you’re thinking about choosing the best backpack for kids, make sure to choose a bag that is functional but is also fun! Your kids’ backpack is an opportunity for them to express their personality, so it’s also important that the backpack is cute and totally them! Choose from our range of school backpacks and other gorgeously designed school supplies.

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