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Essential stationery for school

Getting ready for the new school term? We know that returning to the classroom after a thrilling break can be quite daunting, not only for the young ones but also for the parents. Fortunately, being well-prepared can make going back to school easier.

One thing that can help you is preparing essential kids stationery items in advance. School stationery supplies like school notebooks, pens, crayons, and pencil cases are stationery must-haves for kids and it’s important to make sure they are from high-quality materials that will survive the rigours of school life.

From enchanting notebooks to lively pens and pencils, and sensational library bags, embracing a new school term means stocking up on kids’ stationery. Ensure your youngster is fully equipped with all the necessary items for the classroom and beyond with these must-have school stationery supplies!

Cute Kids’ Stationery Supplies

Who says school supplies are just boring old tools? Nay, nay! They are magical wands that help kids bring their wildest ideas to life! Having a trusty set of school stationery can empower youngsters to dive headfirst into classroom learning, unlocking their creative potential and boosting their self-assurance. So don’t just settle for average, get your kids geared up with the coolest stationery items around and watch their imaginations soar!

Here’s our top 5 must have stationery for kids

Kids Notebooks

Creative writing is an important skill for children to learn and cute kids notebooks can help inspire their storytelling. Notebooks give children the opportunity to practice their handwriting and spelling, which is essential for academic achievement.

We have a wide range of kids notebooks and sketchbooks to choose from which are perfect for note-taking and storytelling. Each one comes with a theme-tastic cover design that continues throughout the whole book!

Colourful Pens & Pencils

Who doesn’t love to add a pop of color to their notes and drawings? With crayons, coloured pencils, and stickers, kids can unleash their creative side and express themselves in all sorts of ways. Our range of vibrant pens and pencils is perfect for writing, outlining, doodling, and colouring until your child’s heart is content. If you’re looking for something eco-friendly, we also have woodless watercolour pencils. Made entirely from graphite, they’re kind to the environment and look absolutely stunning on paper!

Silky Crayons

When kids want to create their very own masterpiece, our multipurpose 3-in-1 silky crayons are the perfect choice! They can be used as a crayon, pastel or even watercolour. Yes, you read that right – just add water and they can be used as watercolour pencils! These silky crayons come in 12 vivid colours per pack and are perfect for drawing, blending and painting on both card and canvas!

Kids Folders & Display Books

Let’s talk about organization – but not just any organization, we’re talking about organization that’s fun and playful! Kids folders, display books and files are not just practical, they’re also a great way to add some personality to your child’s school supplies.

Document wallets help keep your kid’s books and important documents safe and protected. They are perfect for school and home, and can hold both A4 and scrapbook sized paper and school books. Match it to your kid’s favourite Spencil design to add a bit of fun into the everyday!

Pencil Case

Add some pizzazz to your kids’ school supplies with an awesome pencil case! These are no ordinary pencil cases – they come in a range of designs that will get your kids pumped for school. From cute and cuddly animals to funky and fresh patterns, we have a wide range of pencil cases to suit every personality and need. So why settle for boring pencil cases when you can make back to school a blast for your little ones?

Library Bags

Don’t let those bulky books get in the way on your child’s love of reading. Our library bags are here to save the day! With plenty of space for all of your child’s essential books, this library bag is a must-have for any little bookworm. Made with a durable PVC coating, nylon inner, and velcro closure, this library bag is built to last and keep books safe and secure. Plus, it even has a name pocket and handle for easy carrying!

If you’re looking for even more fun and funky back to school supplies, explore our huge range of products for school and play. They are made with fun prints and gorgeous designs to help your kids shine without breaking the bank. From notebooks and pens, to backpacks and lunchboxes, we’ve got everything your little one needs to support growth, learning, and fun!

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