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This gorgeously designed, lightweight blank paged A5 sketchbook is a delight for dreaming, doodling and creating! With inner cover artwork and a matching motif on every page, it’s the little things that make this sketchbook special. With 80 well-made, 100gsm blank pages and a stitch-bound spine, you know it is made to last. 

Kid’s Sketchbooks

Kids are natural artists. They have an active imagination and art can be a great way of expressing themselves. Introducing your child to a sketchbook is a great way for them to express their creativity and gives them an opportunity to share their thoughts, feelings and wonderful ideas. 

Creating Masterpieces

Each of our artist sketchbooks comes with a beautifully designed cover that is as unique as your child’s artwork. They can pick and choose their favourite design, giving them inspiration for their next masterpiece!

On the inner cover they’ll also find a matching motif - a little surprise that makes these sketchbooks special for collecting or gifting. Choose from a wide array of cover designs to suit your little one's personality and style. You might even find one for yourself! 

Whenever Inspiration Strikes

Our kid’s sketchbooks are size A5 which make them perfect for tucking into backpacks and having on the go. As a budding artist, your kids never know when inspiration will strike! So having a sketchbook with them means they can capture every special moment, whenever it happens!

They are designed to be lightweight, with blank A5 pages to encourage imagination and creativity. These A5 sketchbooks are also perfect for kids to look back on their art and see how much progress they’ve made over the year!

Build Self Confidence

As your children see the progress of their art through the sketchbook, their self confidence naturally builds. A sketchbook for kids allows them to have an instrument that they can use to express themselves without fear. What may have started as a private sketchbook may soon become a proud piece of work they love to show off!

Let The Creative Juices Flow

Whether they’re doodling, painting or creating, our kids sketchbook range are perfect for home, school or play. Add some fun watercolour pencils, silky crayons, and stationery sets and you have the right kit to get their creative juices flowing!

Everything we do is personalised for your child, from rainbows and unicorns to dinosaurs and trucks, there’s a design for every interest, personality and passion. Along with creating functional items for school and home, our products are designed to ignite your child's imagination at school and beyond!

The Spencil Difference

At Spencil, we lead from the front when it comes to product innovation and schoolyard ethics. Unlike most of our competition, we don't believe in faux exclusive branding from global corporations. Instead, we create homely products with fresh designs based on colours, patterns and the natural wonders of life.

The best part is that you can get all of these high-quality products without breaking the bank. Our family-owned and operated business is based in southeast Queensland, and we ship daily to homes across the length and breadth of Australia. If you're looking for awesome sketchbooks for your children, check out our range online today!