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5 Must-Haves For Kindy

5 Must-Haves For Kindy

Sending your little one to kindy for the first time can stir up a whole lot of emotions.

In the aftermath of the silly season, even the thought of preparing yourself to return to work and your little one for their first days at kindy can seem totally overwhelming.

Feeling overwhelmed is normal, this is a big change for both of you!

Your baby is taking a step into the world outside of your arms and you might be feeling a little nervous about that. Correction, a lot nervous.

It’s important to remember that both you and your little one will benefit and grow from your time a part… trust us!

While we might not be ready to drop them at those kindy gates, we can make sure they are!

Take the stress out of kindy shopping this summer, with this list of our top 5 kindy must-haves.

Rest easy knowing they’ll be ready to learn and play all day with this cracking kit.

A sturdy little Backpack

Our Little Kids Backpack – big enough for their stuff but small enough for them to carry. It has a D-loop for a bag tag (we will get into how important naming is soon), and a compartment that will keep their Water Bottle upright to prevent spills. Our Small Water Bottles are available in all designs to match your bag and are the perfect size for this pocket!

We’ve also cleverly added three organisational compartments within the bag to keep their Lunch Bag separate from their dirty undies (hurrah!) and those drawings they do of you, that look like a potato with legs and a smile safe (thank gosh!).  

Name Labels

You will discover (or may have already), that kids are absolute pros at making their gear disappear. Losing things becomes that much easier with all the excitement and stimulation that happens in a day at kindy. Not to mention, how easily they can mix up their stuff with somebody else’s!

To combat this we’ve got stick-on, iron-on and book labels. Go crazy with labels, name everything they own and keep their stuff coming home.

Affordable, durable, easy clean Lunch Bag

If your kindy doesn’t provide meals, you’ll need a trusty lunch bag to store your little ones’ food. Our Lunch Bags, come in a range of adorable designs but most importantly are affordable. If it disappears you can afford to buy a new one.

Our Lunch Bags have an aluminium lining for easy cleaning, room for a Little Chill Pack to keep their food fresh and are 100% food safe! To keep their food organised and their Lunch Bag clean, we recommend grabbing one of our little bento boxes for inside their lunch bag too!

Easy-open Lunchbox

Pick a Little Bento Box in one of five colours to match the design of your Lunch Bag. They’re durable, food-safe and don’t leak.

They are fitted with 6 compartments and a removable 4 compartment inner sandwich tray, which is perfect for picky eaters or kids who love variety. Most importantly the fastening clip has been designed for easy-opening by little hands! They can actually get into their food and close the Bento back-up just as easily.

Clean & Dirty Bags

When accidents happen and we know they do, it’s important that your kindy teacher has access to clean clothes for your child and a place to store their dirty clothes.

As a courtesy to your kindy teacher, you may want to invest in one of our Clean & Dirty Bags. Our Clean & Dirty Bags are perfect for storing a change of clothes in your little ones’ bag and are fitted with a waterproof lining to prevent any cross-contamination when their dirty clothes are placed back in their bag.

Prepare them with a Spencil kit and let your worries melt away.

They are ready and you are too!

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