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Book Labels

The kiddos will never mix up their books again with these gorgeous book labels. Perfect for school books as well as Spencil book covers to make them even more re-useable, year after year!

Spencil’s Is Your Trusted Source For Book Labels This Year

Book labels are powerful essential school items that help kids identify their belongings, especially for early readers. Young children are very visual and they identify with design. School book labels made with fun and colourful themes help kids recognise and memorise their books better. Even if they don’t know how to read yet, they can easily identify their school by seeing the eye-catching designs.

If you are looking for high-quality name labels for books, Spencil is your trusted source of book labels this back to school season and all year round! The kiddos will never mix up their books again with our wide range of gorgeous school book labels. Perfect for school books as well as Spencil book covers, these book stickers can be used year after year!

Book stickers are great for labeling books and book covers. Seeing their beautiful name on their own books adds a personal touch to their belongings and can make them feel proud and excited to go to school every day. Choose only the number one textbook labels specialist in Australia. We have a huge selection of easy to use name labels for books that are self-adhesive. Available in 16 assorted labels per set, each set has blank and lined labels for easy writing.

Have Your Kid's Books Labeled With Spencil’s School Book Labels

Back to school is such a busy time for every parent so we want to make sure we ease your labels for school book needs with an easy to use solution — book label stickers! Label all your kids' books with these fun book label stickers. Each school book label set has a mix of blank and lined space that makes it easy for you to write their name and subject with a permanent marker or coloured pens. Spencil’s range of textbook labels is made from top quality materials so they can keep up with your kid’s busy school life. These are not your average plain book labels for school, the cute designs bring a bit of fun into your child’s school day! 

Save your little one’s school books from getting lost again. Self-adhesive labels for school books are a fast way to name all of their books and other stationery items. Spencil’s book labels for school are available in tons of eye-catching design themes that you can pair with our other Spencil back to school range like school bags, lunch boxes, drink bottles, stationery sets, and more! Label everything that goes to school and make sure all of your kid's things are organised.

We’re Your Name And Subject Labels Specialist

When it comes to back to school shopping, labels for school books should be one of your top priorities, why? Name and subject labels make it easier for your kids to identify their belongings, thus minimising those “Hey, that’s mine!” kind of moments at school. Even if your little one doesn’t know how to read yet, the funky design on their school books will help them identify it. Preventing your kid’s items from getting lost at school, you will save heaps of money in the long run because you won’t have to replace notebooks, books, and other stationery sets over and over again!

Spencil is your trusted supplier of name labels for books. Our gorgeous name and subject labels are made from high-quality adhesive paper perfect for children's school books. Depending on your requirements, you can use these name and subject labels for different purposes. Spencil’s range of book labels for school is long-lasting, does not fade easily, and able to survive your kid’s hyperactive day. We’ve got lots of designs boys and girls will love. Whatever your name labels needs are, we’re here to help you get fast and easy solutions for book labels for school and beyond!

Why You Should Choose Spencil When Looking For Your Book Labels

Why waste your precious time on cutting and gluing tons of paper labels for your kid’s school books? Spencil textbook labels are your perfect solution to label all of your kid's textbooks in seconds!

Spencil book labels and other stick-on name labels are perfect for labelling all your kid's belongings. Personalise their books with their names and subjects using their favourite design. You can choose from tons of school book label design themes that perfectly match our other Spencil products. Floral prints, ocean wonders, cute animals, magical unicorns, space themes—you name it, we’ve got it. We celebrate diversity and individual differences by providing a range of styles that is sure to boost your child’s spirit. There’s something for every child.

Spencil school book labels will surely put a smile on your kid's face every time they see their name on their books, filling them with confidence in the classroom! Our textbook labels are super adhesive and safe even for the tiniest of hands.

Here at Spencil, we price our range to be as affordable as we can and we make products to last. So you can have high-quality labels for school books without breaking the bank! Back to school is now stress-free! Learn more about Spencil's book covers.