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Easy Party Favours For Your Next Kids’ Birthday!

When it comes to kids’ birthday parties, we’re all about making things as easy as possible! From fun games and yummy kid-friendly food, to the right venue and seating for parents, there’s already plenty to organise.

We don’t want to spend hours hand making party favours or decorating individual bags for guests (who has the time!).

Instead, we’ve put together some easy goodie bag ideas so you can spend less time party planning and more time enjoying this special day!

Trinkets or Crafts?

First things first. What to put in the goodie bags? One option is to pop down to your local dollar store where you’ll find an abundance of trinkets to delight your little ones.

Alternatively you can swap the trinkets for eye-poppingly gorgeous and useful accessories and gifts like pencils and rubbers, their very own special pen to keep on their desk at home or a keepsake notebook to capture their creative spirit. A take-home gift of a key chain or bag tag will be a treasured daily reminder of your beautiful child’s special day. 

If you’re looking for something more creative, why not kill two birds with one stone and add a craft activity to entertain the kids?

Grab some sketchbooks, add a few silky crayons or watercolour pencils and you’re all set to scribble the morning away! If your party has a theme, get the kids to draw their favourite character with a special prize for the best artwork. Goodie bags plus games sorted? That’s a win-win!

Wrap your gifts in a Tote or Drawing Bag

Next up, the all important bag.

This is the visual element of your party favours. The cute packaging that everyone is excited to unwrap (and pretend for a moment that it’s their birthday – woo!). 

Depending on what you’re putting in each bag and the size you’ll need, there are some easy options you can use. Spotlight has a great children’s party section where you can grab colourful paper bags to match the theme of your birthday.

If you’re looking for something a little more eco-friendly and long lasting, another fun option could be to wrap your presents in a Spencil tote bag! With its ‘A Better Kinder Awesome’ message, they’ll leave the party with a constant reminder of the birthday celebration and the part they played in making it such a happy time. You can let them know that this gift is also helping sick kids in hospital with all the proceeds going to Juiced TV, who do amazing work to make children’s time in hospital just a little happier.

Or you might like to put their loot in a drawstring bag. These gorgeous bags are the perfect go-anywhere bag that have any occasion covered and will be loved by kids at school, sports and play. Children will delight in the brilliant designs of the drawstring bags, while parents will appreciate a versatile, reusable bag (that is even water resistant for sports and adventures!).

If you’re sending them home with little party favours like a key chain and some sweet treats, then a coin pouch makes the ideal take-home keepsake.

With your kids’ gift bags sorted, you’ll have more time to spend with your family and celebrate this special occasion. Another year older… my how the time flys!

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