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Best Stationery to Encourage Your Kids to Write More

Remember the thrill of excitement when you got your hands on a crisp new packet of gel ink pens as a kid? The ones with all the beautiful different colours and glitters, and you just couldn’t WAIT to write letters to your friends?

Well, as adults we’ll admit that our love affair with stationery hasn’t changed, but it has also made us realise that with the right tools, you can ignite your kid’s passion for writing!

Children love to express their creativity in so many ways, especially through colouring, sketching and writing journals. They are also naturally curious, which is often the way they become interested in things and learn new skills.

If you want to encourage your children to write creatively and confidently, some fun kids stationery could be just what they need to get started. Woodless Pencils, Silky Crayons and special Notebooks are more than just craft supplies, they’re the building blocks that help improve your child’s learning and interest in new ideas and concepts. 

Here are our top Spencil Kids Stationery products that will get your kids excited to write!

Inspire your kids to write

Awesome Note Cards

Looking for an easy way to get your children writing? Spencil’s range of colourful Note Card Sets are the perfect place to start. Ask them to pick out their favourite Note Card and write a message to a friend or family member about a special memory they have together. Not only will this short writing exercise be an easy first step for your kids, but the recipient will adore the unexpected surprise!

Pen & Pencil Sets

Fill your little one’s world with colour! Pack their cute pencil case with colourful gel pens, silky crayons, woodless pencils, and more. These super-lovely stationey sets will make everyday activities so much fun, you won’t be able to stop them from writing!

Notebooks & Sketchbooks

Designed for young authors and artists everywhere, these gorgeously designed A5 notebooks and sketchbooks are a delight for journaling, dreaming and story telling! Available in a large range of fun and colourful designs, there’s a special notebook that will encourage every child to explore their creativity!

Multi-Colour Rainbow Pen

A favourite in any 80s or 90s kid’s pencil case, this Rainbow Pen is back for a new generation of kids to love! This ball point pen features 8 colours, a translucent barrel and a click button that’s easy to use for little hands. Just push the tab down, then scribble away! This multi-colour rainbow pen is a must-have for kids who love to colour-code their notes, make handwritten cards, or write creative masterpieces through poems or short stories. Perfectly sized for on-the-go creativity!

Document Wallets

Keep you child’s notebooks and stories safe with a durable document wallet that can hold both A4 and scrapbook sized paper and books. This handy document wallet is perfect for budding writers! Want to know why? Wherever your kids are, school, home or a friends house, they can always grab their notes and write their thoughts whenever an idea comes to mind. Match it to your kid’s favourite Spencil design and add a bit of fun into the everyday!

Tips on how to encourage your kids to write

Read, read, read.

Children learn new words as they read. They absorb information on how to structure sentences and how to use new words effectively in their writing and speaking. Reading not only helps children to develop language and comprehension, but it also boosts their imagination. Kids love being read to, so continue reading aloud to them as long as you can!

Engage in conversations.

Talking is vital at all parts of a young writer’s process. Daily conversations help children generate ideas for what it is they want to write about. Talking helps them to draft fluently, to revise their writing, and to perfect their craft. Before asking them to write, get them talking. Engage them in a casual conversation without putting any pressure into writing like when you’re out in the park, driving to home, or when they’re playing with their toys. Open-ended questions are the best way to encourage them to speak.

Let them write freely, then give feedback after.

Children will have lots of errors in their spelling and sentence structures, especially first time writers. Hold back on correcting them and just let their creative juices flow. When they share their writing with you, praise them for their effort and then give specific feedback. Mention your favourite lines or part to help build their confidence as a writer.

To help your child practice their creative writing skills, ignite their passion with fun stationery you know they’ll love! Spencil’s huge range of high quality stationery has been specifically designed for little hands, so they can get creative and learn the joys of writing in no time!

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