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Spencil school stationery will surely put a smile on your kid's face every time they use it - as well as filling them with confidence in the classroom! 

We Have Your School Stationery Shopping Sorted

When your kids are at school, they use different kinds of products all day long. From bags and pencil cases to paper and pens, these essential items have a huge effect on their happiness and productivity. At Spencil, we specialise in kids stationery and personalised school products for kids of all ages. From notebooks and folders to pens and pencils, we can help your kids learn and grow with confidence. Our kids stationery sets are sold with multiple design options for your child to enjoy. If you want personal kids' stationery at an affordable price, you've come to the right place.

Why Choose Spencil For Your Kids Stationery Set

School stationery is possibly the most important item in your back to school shop. From year 1 to 12, school stationery still proves to be an effective tool in aiding your kid through their entire learning process. Kids stationery items like crayons, pens, and notebooks can help children have an optimum learning experience whether they are at school or at home.

Whilst your little one probably still won’t enjoy doing homework, doing it with their favourite colour or design on the cover of their notebook and cute pen might make studying a little more enjoyable. Kids stationery sets make writing so fun!

School stationery is the perfect gift option for kids who love to get their ideas on paper. Our cute kids stationery sets will bring joy into their everyday life! With Spencil’s children stationery A4 and A5 lined books for writing and an A6 plain book for dreaming and doodling, a cute ballpoint pen and a retractable pencil, you've got all basics covered! This school stationery set is best partnered with matching pencil cases, stationery and backpacks for the complete eye-catching look!

Check out our huge range of kids stationery sets today! Our fun collection of colourful children stationery makes study time engaging and exciting for kiddos. From vibrant looking crayons, watercolours, document wallets, to notecards, each of our school stationery items are carefully designed with fun in mind!

Kids Stationery And So Much More

At Spencil, our school stationery products are designed to give your child a boost in their daily life. From preschool to primary school and beyond, we design fun products to inspire creativity and imagination. All of our kids stationery is made with high-quality materials. We have functional erasers, sharpeners, pen and pencil sets, notebook sets, display books, document wallets, book labels, stick-on labels, iron-on labels and accessories. With lots of information available on each product, you can make an informed decision with every single purchase. Whether it’s back to school, homework time or weekend creativity, we have the products that your child needs to thrive.

School essentials kits

We keep a wide range of items in stock, including big kids' bags, little kids' bags, and bag accessories. We specialise in bags, including drawstring bags, library bags, tech carry cases, backpacks, chair bags, totes, lunch bags, and clean and dirty bags. Everything we do is personalised for your child, from rainbows and unicorns to dinosaurs and machines. Along with creating functional items for school and home, our products are designed to ignite your child's imagination on a daily basis.

If your child finds a design they love, we offer an essential kit at a price that can't be beaten. You can combine multiple products for the ultimate in consistency, or mix and match products for a vibrant and fun-filled collection. We don't believe in exclusive brand designs from multi-national corporations, our business focuses on universal patterns, bright colours, and playful designs inspired by the big wide world.

Kids Art Competition

Do your kids love to get creative with their stationery? The Spencil Art Prize 2024 is open until the 7th May 2024 and is the perfect opportunity for young artists to showcase their artwork to the world! There are some incredible prizes up for grabs, so enter now before the competition closes! Learn more.

The Spencil difference

At Spencil, we are here to inspire your family with great products and accessible prices. Whether you want something for school or fun, we're sure to have exactly what you need. We operate from our base in southeast Queensland and offer fast shipping across Australia on a daily basis. We run an inclusive family business with a growing product range, and we put the kids of Australia front and centre with every decision we make.

If you're looking for a stationery set for kids, please make an order today or contact our customer support team for more information.