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Arty Boredom Buster

Arty Boredom Buster

With the lengthy school holidays just gone and a somewhat unpredictable return to school for many, we’ve all got a bit of ‘planned activity fatigue’ for after school or on weekends.

Desperately looking for any avenue to exert their pent up energy – our kids are turning to their screens, or picking a fight with their sibling for unmatched entertainment. Much to our despair!

While it’s easy to feel guilty because we all want to be that parent who has time to constantly set up brilliant, engaging and educational activities for our little ones, it’s just not always realistic or a luxury we can afford!


Swooping in to save the day, we’ve got an epic independent activity, and some might say, a massive opportunity for your little ones.

The best part is… you already have all the stuff they need to participate at home!

Channel all that pent-up pizazz into something awesome! Have them get out their pens, textas, crayons, craft, paint, camera or device and get creating an entry (or 10) for the Spencil Art Prize 2022!

For our MaD’s who are yet to join us on social media, the Spencil Art Prize has kicked off with a bang this year and bucket loads of adorable and breathtaking entries are already pouring in.

The good news… there’s still 14 days to enter. If your kids were to make say, 14 entries… that’s at least an hour every afternoon until the competition ends, that you’d have some me time. Or at the very least, some non-arguing sibling time!

A recipe for success

The Spencil Art Prize welcomes the works of children (0-13 years) separated into two age categories (for judging purposes). So whether you’ve got tiny kids, little kids, or almost big kids, they can all get arty together.

To inspire maximum individuality and creativity, the prize has no: theme, set medium, or number of entries. Letting them follow their heart and passion is paramount for engaging art making sessions and creating amazing work, bursting with self-expression.

While the top prize for both age groups is extra awesome, including a collaboration with Spencil designers, an award certificate, a cash prize and a prize for your school – it shouldn’t be thought of as a point of exhaustion.

We hang every single entry in our Virtual Spencil Art Gallery for the world to see. Inspiring, recognising and celebrating the creativity of every child and facilitating the joy of creation is this competition’s true purpose.

What are you waiting for?

It’s never been easier to have a boredom or bickering free afternoon!

Set down some newspaper, get out the art stuff, give them a notebook and sit back and watch them swoon.

Or get back to the million other things on your to-do list while you’ve got them occupied.


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