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6 Bento Lunch Box Ideas to Brighten Up Your Kids Lunch

Bento lunch boxes make assembling a healthy and balanced school meal super easy! We all know that kids can get bored easily and they are often a bit picky with their food. Adding anything even remotely green can be a real challenge! With a fun Kids Bento Box, you can keep their meals interesting and full of variety so they’re excited to eat what you’ve packed.

It can be time-consuming to keep figuring out what to pack next for their school lunch every single day. Yet, we don’t want them to fill their tummies with too many processed foods. If you are a parent running out of ideas to make your kid’s lunch fun and healthy, we’ve got some great bento lunch box ideas for you. Here are some easy ways to prepare your kids bento lunch box that will keep your kid’s meal breaks nutritious and delightfully yummy!

Free Bento Box Lunch Ideas

Download this free recipe sheet and pop it on your fridge for quick and easy kids bento box lunch ideas!

What should I put in my child’s bento box?

More than at other meal times, kids have total control over what they eat for lunch at school. A kid can choose to eat their carrot sticks or throw them out. They can munch on an apple or swap it for a packet of tiny teddies.

When choosing what your child will eat for lunch, making a healthy choice is really important. Eating a variety of healthy food helps give them the energy they need throughout the school day, grow the way they should and builds a stronger immune system so they don’t get sick.

Their bento lunch box will serve as their fuel. With the right fuel, they’ll have the energy they need to keep up with the demands of school. So what is the right kind of fuel? Ideally, a bento box for kids should contain plenty of fruits and veggies, moderate amounts of lean protein and whole grains, with a small portion of dairy.

Healthy & Easy Kids Bento Lunch Ideas

When planning your child’s bento lunch box meal, it doesn’t have to be complicated. Regular food items like sandwiches, wraps, pasta, and salads can be included in the bento box. Make sure you are packing a balanced meal by introducing lots of colourful, nutritious ingredients. Since school mornings are always hectic, here are some delicious bento lunch ideas you can prepare the night before!

Kids Bento Box Lunch Ideas

Fruit parfait box

This bento box combo can actually be two-fer. It’s good for snacking but is also a healthy on-the-go breakfast. This modern treat consists of layers of yogurt, granola, and fruit and is a delicious idea for your little one. Just toss in some berry fruits, add some sweetness with a small portion of chocolate chips and sprinkle with granola. The textures of fruits, yogurt, and granola make an excellent contrast!

Cheesy quesadilla meal box

Are your kids getting sick of sandwiches in their lunchboxes? Level up their weekday meals with an irresistibly cheesy quesadilla! This is a super tasty bento box lunch idea that you can make using leftovers and prepare ahead of time. Using a flour tortilla as your base, add a slice of cheese to one half of the tortilla. Top with salsa, guacamole, protein rich beans and colourful veggies. Then fold in half and cook in a sandwich press until oozy and cheesy!

Tuna sandwich and veggie box

Time to raise the bar on a staple lunch box meal. Tuna sandwiches contain high protein and carbs and taste even more delicious when they’re mixed with cheese and mayo. Add some seasonal veggies for double the benefits – taste and colour!

Spaghetti meatballs

Meatballs are super versatile and can go well with almost anything! Add some cooked pasta and broccoli to make a wholesome meal. What’s great about this bento box? You can always use leftover pasta and veggies from last night’s dinner for quick and easy preparation.

Classic Japanese bento box

Why not try a classic Japanese bento box by adding some traditional ingredients like tamagoyaki (rolled sweet omelette) or leftover teriyaki chicken. If your kids love getting sushi, see if they’ll try a tempura-style box for a crisp, healthy, and light meal. Just shallow fry some chicken or pork and then pair it with white rice for a satisfying meal. Finish it with some crunchy veggies and fruits like broccoli, kiwi, and oranges to make your kids look forward to lunchtime.

Bento box lunches for picky eaters

Despite their short attention spans, kids may be loyal to their favourite foods and want to eat familiar meals every day. It’s a fine balance between making lunch according to their likes and dislikes, without sacrificing nutrition. So what will your picky eater actually eat? Although every child is different, here are some foods they might still enjoy:

  • Fruits: apples, bananas, berries, melons, peaches, oranges.
  • Vegetables: cherry tomatoes, carrots, pumpkin, celery, cucumber.
  • Starches: biscuits, bread, cereal, crackers, muffins, pasta, rice.
  • Proteins: cheese, chicken, eggs, cottage cheese, yogurt, nut butter.

With these simple bento box ideas for kids, you can make lunchtime legendary! Try doing creative cuts on fruits and vegetables, and add smaller portions of their favourite foods so it’s all the more interesting to your child. Our Kids Bento Box range comes in little and big sizes so you can find the perfect fit for your child and all your new lunch box ideas. Send them off to school with a MaD Love Note to make it even sweeter!

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