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5 Easy Ways to Make Dad’s Day

5 Easy Ways to Make Dad’s Day

Father’s Day is just around the corner! Perhaps you’ve already found the perfect gift for Dad or maybe you’re still thinking up ideas. With so many reasons to thank Dad for everything he does, it’s only natural to want to make him feel extra special on his day! Here are some easy ways you can help your kids make Dad’s day!

1. Special Brekky Menu for Dad

There’s nothing better than spending quality time with Dad. Start Dad’s special day with a delicious breakfast in bed that the kids can help make in the morning. To make it even more special, get the kids to make a fun Father’s Day menu that Dad can choose from. They can snuggle into bed with him in the morning, take his order and then cook up a feast while Dad gets a nice sleep in! Grab some Spencil sketchbooks, throw in some crayons and let his menu come to life!

2. Homemade Father’s Day Card

Make Father’s Day extra special with a homemade card! This is probably the simplest and easiest way to celebrate Dad on his day but it still lets him know how much he means to you. Get the kids to make crafty collage that Dad can admire for months to come!

Print a picture of the kids with their Dad, then take a walk outside to gather some “art supplies” from nature like leaves, twigs, flowers, or pebbles. Glue these items according to your design. How about turning Dad into a Tarzan collage? Make it a memorable collage to hang in your home!

3. Father’s Day Cup

Put your game faces on and get ready for a family water fight in this year’s Father’s Day Cup or Dad Olympics! Grab some water balloons, water guns and wet sponges, and combine your water fighting skills with a game of dodgeball. Make sure you have plenty of water ready to go, nothing spoils a water fight quicker than running out of ammo! Then pick your teams and make it rain! When you’re all soaking wet, refuel with Dad’s favourite pizza or barbeque!

4. Create a Scavenger Hunt

Already have the perfect Father’s Day present for Dad? Add some extra excitement to their gift and let him hunt it down himself! Leave Dad a list of riddles and clues that will lead him right to his present. Make it a little more interesting by drawing the hints on cute cards. You can use colourful silky crayons and woodless pencils to create the ultimate scavenger’s hunt. The game can take place inside your house, in the backyard, at the park or anywhere else! 

5. Game Night or Movie Marathon with the Family

Uno, Jenga, Monopoly, Chess, Fun/Unfair, Squatter – bring on Dad’s competitive side with a fun family game night! If things get a little too heated playing Monopoly (we’ve all been there!) gather Dad’s favourite family films like Disney, Marvel or DC and have a movie marathon with popcorn! Dad will not only appreciate the effort, but he’ll love the time you get to spend together as well.

Whether it’s a fun outdoor activity or a family game night, show the Dads in your life just how much you appreciate them with these easy Father’s Day activities. Oh, and don’t forget to give Dad a warm hug and big “Happy Father’s Day!” on September 4th!

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