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Whoever came up with the saying 'It's the little things that count' was wise as.

Because there's nothing like a kind word from you written on a 6 x 9cm MaD Love Lunchbox Note to make your child's heart swell to epic proportions.

It could be just the little pick-me-up they need to get them through their day, their fear or challenge. But it may be even more powerful than that long term!

According to leading Research Professor, Brene Brown, feeling worthy of a connection to love and belonging is the key to long term human happiness. Feeling that connection from you, even when they aren't with you, is a beautiful thing. And it can be a thing you feed every day. You can fill their tummies and their hearts. Imagine that!

We talk more about the difference a love note can make here.

You've got this!

The overt to covert love scale

One thing we parents all have to do with respect to showing our MaD Love to our kids, is read the room. Being overtly lovey dovey is fantastic when our kids are still appreciative of it. But as our kids' moods swing, development evolves or social life matures, we may realise we need to tone it TF down and show our love a little more subtly!

That's why we have created a range of different themes with different tones for different occasions, moods and emotional states to give you the flexibility to tailor your 'MaD Love' note tone, chosen from a continuum between an all-out 'I love you' to a more covert 'fit bump' or a smile-inducing 'fun fact', 'weird thought' or 'MaD joke' (like a Christmas Cracker), that they can share with their friends.

Every note is like a big squeezy cuddle

Funny & heartfelt ways to make them feel great

Reminders of strength & well wishes

Never ending storylines & Bad MaD gags

Weird thoughts to make them snort