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The Big Difference A Love Note Can Make

As parents, we are juggling a million things at once. From prepping lunches and coordinating after school sport, to birthday parties and everything in between. There’s a lot going on! With so much happening, it can be hard to find the time to have little moments with your family. But it’s these special moments and feelings of deep connection that mean so much to our loved ones.

According to leading psychologists, taking the time to show our love and affection to our children not only supports them, but it also leads to higher self-esteem, fewer behaviourial issues and better performance at school.

There are many ways we can show how much we care and how proud we are of our children. Whether it’s a big snuggly hug or celebrating an achievement, these words of encouragement leave a lasting impression on our children.

A special lunchbox note tucked into their bag can make a big difference to our child’s day, which is why we developed our MaD (Mums and Dads) Love Notes. These little messages of love and support are a simple way for parents to show how much they care, even when you can’t physically be there.

Why are Love Notes important?

When you write a note for your children or loved ones, it can bring magic! Love Notes and kids affirmation cards communicate your love, encouragement and support for them beyond what spoken words can. Giving them a Love Note when they’re facing a challenging day or surprising them at lunchtime reminds them of just how special they are to you.

Lunch box notes made with heartwarming and funny designs like our MaD Love Notes, allow you to be there for your kids in every moment. Kids affirmation cards offer great encouragement and could be just the little pick-me-up they need to get them through their day, their fear or challenge. But they may be even more powerful than that in the long term! 

Place a MaD Love Note in your child’s school lunch bag as lunch box note, hide them in their pockets, pack them inside a backpack, or put them under their pillow – the possibilities to show your love and affection are endless!

How can Love Notes impact a child’s day in a positive way?

According to leading Research Professor, Brene Brown, feeling worthy of a connection to love and belonging is the key to long-term human happiness. Feeling that connection from you, even when they aren’t with you, is a beautiful thing. And it can be something you feed them every day, filling their tummies and their hearts with loving messages!

Children who are taught and shown love and kindness grow up to be happier and more successful. Kids affirmation cards help them build better relationships not just with you, but also with friends, family, school and the community.

If your child is anxious about an upcoming exam or feeling overwhelmed by the first day of school, a Love Note with “I’m always proud of you, just do your best”, or “You’ve got this!” can give them that special feeling of love, support and connection. Here are some of the other benefits of writing Love Notes for your children:

  • Boosts confidence – find something encouraging to tell your kid every day. 
  • Increases self-love – let them know how much you love them
  • Fosters kindness – praise acts of kindness and good deeds
  • Builds resilience – let them know that they have your support in everything
  • Creates a positive outlook – a simple note can help brighten up their day

There are hundreds of ideas to write about and each note is nurturing your child’s well-being. Writing about a kindness your child did, a positive trait you love about them, or reminding them of a special memory you two share, will last a lifetime in their mind, heart and soul.

The overt to covert scale – the different ways you can show you care

One thing we parents all have to do with respect to showing our MaD Love to our kids, is read the room. Being overtly lovey-dovey is fantastic when our kids are still appreciative of it. But as our kids’ moods swing, development evolves or social life matures, we may realise we need to tone it down and show our love a little more subtly!

That’s why we have created a range of different themes with different tones for different occasions, moods and emotional states to give you the flexibility to tailor your ‘MaD Love’ note tone, chosen from a continuum between an all-out ‘I love you’ to a more covert ‘fist bump’ or a smile-inducing ‘fun fact’, ‘weird thought’ or ‘MaD joke’ (like a Christmas Cracker), that they can share with their friends.

Short and sweet messages of support

Send positive thoughts, encouragement and love everywhere your child goes with these uplifting messages.


“Your smile is sunshine!”

“I’m so thankful to be your mum/dad”

“You are my life’s greatest gift!”


“Your kindness is a superpower”

“Keep up the good work!’

“You got all your homework done!”

“You rock!”


“Just do your best and have fun”

“Whatever happens, good on you for giving it a go”

“You can do anything!”


“Eat your veggies!”

“Stay hydrated, stay awesome!”

“Your ideas matter”


“You’ve got this”

“I’m here to listen”

“You can always talk to me”

Enjoy the magic and connection a MaD Love Note can bring to your child!

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