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Using Your Drawstring Bag As A Waterproof Swim Bag

If there’s one thing kids love in summer, it’s jumping into the pool or racing their friends into the ocean! They never seem to tire of playing games and splashing around with friends. And it gives parents a chance to relax and watch them having fun!

If your kids are heading to the pool or beach, a drawstring bag is a great go-anywhere option for all their wet and sandy towels, bathers and toys. They are made from a hard wearing water-resistant fabric which can easily be rinsed, washed and air dried.

What are drawstring bags and why are they popular?

Kids drawstring bags are often used as bookbags or school packs because they are light in weight and very versatile. They typically have a single large compartment for storage and a rope threaded through the top for kids to easily open and close the bag.

Parents and kids love drawstring bags because they’re a very versatile option for school and sport. The waterproof material makes them perfect for gym bags, swimming and adventures, and keeps all their other goodies clean, dry and free from sweaty odours!

Waterproof drawstring bags are usually used as a kids swim bag, sports bag or gym bag where kids can pack their togs, goggles, water bottle, towel and other swimming equipment. Drawstring bags are light and easy to carry, so kids can have them on-hand and ready for the next swimming carnival or sports day.

Aside from using them as kids swim bag, drawstring bags can also be used to carry books, a change of clothes, phones and wallets, or snacks if you’re heading to a theme park.

Here are some other great features of a kids drawstring bag:

  • Accessibility – simply pull the strings to secure it. 
  • Compartments – has only one main compartment making it easier for kids to find whatever they’re searching for.
  • Grab & Go – smaller and lighter in size compared to other kids bags.
  • Space Saving – lies flat and it can be tucked into smaller spaces. When not in use, you can fold it and store away.

Are drawstring bags waterproof?

Every day kids are involved in a wide variety of activities in and out of school. Some outdoor activities may require their bags to be waterproof, like in swimming classes or if they go camping.

It’s important to understand the difference between a waterproof bag and a water resistant bag, as these can be quite different.

When a bag says it is waterproof, it means it is made of fabric that is 100% hydrophobic, which means that it will repel water and not let any of it pool or wick. When you splash water on a waterproof fabric, the water just forms beads and doesn’t absorb into the material. A waterproof drawstring bag will not allow any moisture to escape the bag and it will keep your belongings bone dry even in heavy downpours.

A water resistant drawstring bag means the fabric will resist saturation and it will take a little while before any moisture starts to soak in. They’re strong enough to stop damp swimmers and towels from getting everything wet, and lightweight enough to pack down easily.

Drawstring bags are great for kids swim bags

Spencil’s drawstring bags are made from water resistant fabric, making them perfect for kids swim bags. They’re quicking drying, easy to clean and also come with a great inside zipped pocket for coins, wallets and keys.

Available in a variety of fantastic colours and cool designs, they’re great for kids to carry to the pool or the beach. Choose from a huge selection of swimming patterns including Little Sailor, Ocean Marble, Sea Critters, Hammer-Time, Beach Blooms and Island Vibes!

How to clean a drawstring bag?

Kids drawstring bags are usually made from nylon, making them super easy to clean and dry. Here are our tips for cleaning a drawstring bag:

Step 1. Fill the washing machine with water. Add the amount of detergent needed for the size of your load.

Step 2. Place the drawstring backpack in a clothes washing bag with a zipper closure. This keeps the strings from wrapping around other clothes inside whilst spinning. Zip the bag shut.

Step 3. Place the clothes washing bag with the kids drawstring bag inside into the washing machine with like colours. Turn the washing machine to a normal cycle.

Step 4. Once the cycle is done, remove the drawstring bag and hang it out to dry in a sunny spot. Make sure the bag is thoroughly dried inside and out before using again.

Keep your kids school and sport essentials secure when you use a Spencil drawstring bag. Whether they’re off to the pool or heading to the library, our drawstring bags will be with you every step of the way!

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