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We’re about to make plastic fantastic!
Our claims aren’t bombastic.

We’re doing our best to do our part
by switching up our plastic mailing satchels
to compostable plastic.

For a little fish in a big pond we sure are trying to make waves in doing things better for our world where we can.

So hop on your boogie boards and ride the wave with us by trying some of these ways to re-use your plastic mailer.

1. Worm food

Our new satchel mailer is 100% compostable. After you’ve cut or peeled off the shipping tags on your satchel it’s completely safe to toss them in the compost or worm farm. In a standard home farm or compost the mailer will be devoured by our wormy friends in just 180 days!

2. Food scrap bin

The mailer makes an excellent food scraps bin or bin liner. Make a habit of putting your vege scraps in and feed it to your worms or straight in the garden. Rinse and reuse for weeks and pop straight in your compost or worm farm when you think it’s time for it to retire.

3. Pot plant holders

In the quest to greenify our homes, we may or may not be becoming ‘crazy plant ladies’, or put more endearingly ‘plant mamas’. If you need someone to plant-sit when you go away you definitely qualify and might want to try this.

Fill your plastic mailer with soil and plant your favourite seeds or seedlings inside. Ideal for potatoes or tomatoes which is perfect to get the kids involved. Give them your tender loving care and watch them grow. When they’re looker for greater things, plant them straight in the ground or bigger pot – bag and all. Easy!

4. Wrap for bouquets

Fancify your floral arrangements for birthdays and thank you gifts by using your compostable mailing satchel for flower wrap. Simply cut off the seal and down the sides of the bag so the mailer resembles a plastic sheet and get wrapping!  

5. Textured paint roller

If a boring old paint job just won’t do this time round, put your compostable satchel bag to work to create a textured paint look. Whack the satchel over the top of a clean paint roller, coat in paint and go nuts!  

6. Pet poo-bag

While it’s far less glamorous then its purpose in its first life, tying your compostable satchel to your lead and using it to clean after your pet, givies the satchel a second life! Pop the poo in your compost when you get home.

7. Vomit bag

Keeping on the theme of less glamorous re-uses, mailers make excellent vomit bags for car sick passengers. Conveniently store flat in the glove box and be prepared for the dreaded moment. As disgusting as it is to say… they’re also sealable (to contain the smell before you make it to your compost).

8. Shoe bag in luggage

Save the floor germs from getting on your best clothes you’ve packed for your holiday. It makes a great storage option for your luggage. As another option for travellers, it also makes a great dirty clothes bag.

9. Keep a paint brush from drying out

If you’re taking on a late night, mid-breakdown feature wall or other large miscellaneous paint product solo, you’ll love this hack. To prevent your paint brush drying out overnight or before clean up, wrap your mailer tightly around the paint brush or roller and secure onto the handle with a rubber band.

10. Make-shift gloves

Picking up that gross last bit of food out of the sink or animal poo… do yourself a favour and chuck your mailer over your hand as a make-shift glove. Again, straight in the compost.

11. Clean your showerhead

Is your water pressure weaker than a decaf coffee? Cut through soap scum and mineral deposits by filling up your mailer with white vinegar and securing it to your shower head with a rubber band. Leave for 60 minutes and she’ll be good as new!

While this is only a small step from us and you – it’s those little every day actions that make the world of difference.

We’re excited by the prospect of our mailers having new lives. Show us how you’re helping our world with your mailer and inspire others to do the same by sharing.

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