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Reimagine 101

Reimagine 101

One small step for Spencil but one giant leap for the environment.

We give a toss about… well just that… toss. We’re a small business making massive moves in reducing our waste. It won’t be easy or cheap but, as adults, we know that nothing good ever is 😉

You care about the environment but you’re busy. To ease our collective consciousness, we’re switching up to 100% compostable mailers and recyclable satchels. So you can know you’re doing the right thing, without doing anything at all. Woohoo you! You totally rock!

If you did want to do something though… or perhaps get your little ones doing something so they’d leave you alone for a waking breath, we’ve come bearing a solution. 101 ways to re-imagine our cardboard post satchels. From trash to treasure, lets create something magnificent.

1.  Old school Pom Pom

Use your cardboard mailer to create a circular cardboard base for an old school Pom Pom made of wool. These bad boys are simple as pie to make, if you follow this awesome DIY tutorial we found.

2.  Stained glass window

Repurpose your rubbish at home for a stained glass window craft activity. Use our mailer to create a frame for the window and use any colourful rubbish you have (plastic, wrappers, etc.) for the stained glass. We gave this tutorial a squiz for inspiration on window frame shapes.

3.  Crown

For all our little princes and princesses out there, cut the sides of our mailer so it becomes one long strip of cardboard and follow this tutorial to make your very own crown (using stuff from around the house).

4.  Pencil holder

Kids love mess! But they’ll love this on desk pencil holder even more! (You can thank us later). We are no origami wizards so we looked to INNOVA craft for some help. They really hit the mark with their pencil holder tutorial. Simple and adorable.

5.  Picture frame

Display your treasured memories in a frame hand-made and decorated by your little one using your Spencil cardboard mailer. Use scissors to cut out a place for your photo, decorate and stick your picture to the back of the frame! Voila!

6.  Pop up card

Bring your artwork into the third dimension with this rad pop up card craft using our mailer. Once you get the making of the pop up down pat with this tutorial, you can make it your own with any design, for any occasion.

7.  Glow in the dark stars

Stargaze in the comfort of your own bed with a whole galaxy of recycled stars made from our mailer! Simply cut out stars from the cardboard, paint with some glow paint from your local art shop and blue tack to the roof!

8.  Hand held fan

Use our mailer to keep yourself cool all summer long by turning it into a funky hand held fan. Check out this tutorial for the know-how. Why not add a cool design too!

9.  Banner

Save more than one of your cardboard mailers. Cut down the sides of the mailer to create one long piece of cardboard. Stick the pieces of cardboard together to create a banner for your next sport carnival or birthday party!

10.  Wreath

Leading up to the silly season you might be looking for a wreath to hang on your front door! Look no further! Use your cardboard mailer to cut a circular base for the wreath and decorate it as you please! We loved Craft Gallery’s take on this Christmas classic.

11.  Memory cards

Sharpen your mind playing your very own memory card game, created using our card mailers. Cut down the sides of the mailer to make one large piece of card, cut into smaller cards. Draw matching pictures on pairs of cards. Flip and play!

12.  Bookmark

All the little book worms will love this craft-tacular idea! Cut your mailer into a rectangle shape! Punch a hole in the top and thread through a ribbon. And don’t forget to decorate with a picture of your favourite book character!

Bettering the environment, happy crafting kids and
an abnormally peaceful holiday season for our MaDs!

What more could you ask for?

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