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Our Creative Writing Competition 2020 Winners!

This is the very first year we have run the Spencil Creative Writing Competition and to say we were blown away by the entries is an understatement!

The short stories, poems and graphic novels moved us, inspired us and had us in awe of the creativity and heart shown by all of the entrants.

We were so excited when our lovely judges Andy Geppert and Sue Wright came on board to lend their expertise in children’s writing and help us pick the winners!

Andy Geppert- Award-winning picture book artist and author

Sue Wright- Director of Brisbane-based micro-press Tiny Owl Workshop

Both Andy and Sue were delighted with the number of creative, funny and well put together entries for the creative writing competition.

Sue particularly enjoyed the well-crafted and considered poems.
While Andy was drawn to the wild and unfiltered ideas expressed throughout the entries.

We are thrilled to share the winning entries with you- they are absolutely fabulous!


Abdullah Dawood – “Eagle”

Judges’ comments: The winner for the older group was Abdullah Dawood for the exquisite poem the ‘Eagle’.


Liam Nouws – “Lonely Baboon”

Judges Comments: In the younger group, our winner is Liam Nouws – Lonely Baboon.
Liam’s story took us on a fun adventure, supported by beautiful illustrations and creative text.

Thank you to everyone who entered.

You are all Spencil Stars!

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