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One week left to enter! A message from our judges

It’s the final countdown

Our esteemed panel of returned judges have fastened their seatbelts, as we’ve blasted off into the final week of entry creation for the Spencil Art Prize 2022. Renowned curator and writer Carrie McCarthy, computer game artist turned fine artist Ray Coffey and public art program creator and coordinator Sarah Barron, are once again teaming up with us to pioneer some relatively unchartered territory. That is, recognising and celebrating the artistic talent of kids!

Sound tracking their journey is Europe’s tacky, yet surprisingly catchy 80s rock ballad; “the final countdown” (and yes we want you to play it while you read for dramatic effect).

Already over the moon!

Following last year’s competition, here’s a journey update: our judges are already over the moon… with excitement, for their opportunity to peruse your children’s magnificent works once more.

Spencil Art Prize judge, Ray Coffey, said the thing he’s most looking forward to about the prize is viewing your children’s wonderful entries.

“The thing I’m most looking forward to about judging the Spencil Art Prize is just the joy of looking through the artwork.”,

“It’s such a pleasure”, said Ray.

Ray Coffey with his art.

With similar consensus from the other members of our judging panel, we’re taking every safety precaution to prevent the very real possibility of our judges being blown away by your works. With very busy schedules of their own, we can’t risk them getting lost in space!

Inspired by:

Alongside the Spencil Art Prize, our judges have truly inspiring careers in the world of art.

Ray Coffey is busily creating a body of fine artwork for his exhibition, which is set to take place at the end of this year or early next.

Carrie McCarthy is currently organising and curating a plethora of exhibitions at the Griffith University Art Museum and working on a special project for the museums 50th anniversary next year.

Writer and Curator, Carrie McCarthy.

While Sarah Barron is preparing for her trip to Cairns with Flying Arts Alliance Inc. She will be attending as co-chair of the board for the opening event of the, Queensland Regional Art Awards (QRAA) (An Art Prize for adult artists living in regional and remote Queensland).

Why it matters?

Judges Ray Coffey and Sarah Barron collectively attributed their success in the artworld to encouragement of their talents in their earlier years.

Sarah said her families support of her artistic talent was what sparked her initial interest and ongoing passion, in her pursuit of a career in the arts.

“One of my childhood memories is my Grandma complimenting a painting I did of a butterfly and saying I should study art”, said Sarah.

Public Art Program Creator and Coordinator, Sarah Barron

Give it a crack!

While the thought of our children following their passion into a career in the arts is very inspiring, our judges likened the importance of participation to simply getting creative and having a go.

Spencil judge Carrie McCarthy, said creativity is the basis for developing important life skills in our children.

“Art is important for children because it allows them to express themselves and fosters their development of creative problem solving skills”, said Carrie.

Carrie said entrants should feel free to unapologetically express themselves, and to simply enjoy the process of creating and sharing their art.

“Just create something that feels really true to you and don’t worry about not winning”, “The best part of art is making it and sharing it with people”, said Carrie.

We are so excited to see the final entries to the Spencil Art Prize over the coming week.

They have already brought so much joy.

For more information on how to enter your work in the Spencil Art Prize, or to view the entries so far, head to the official Spencil Art Prize page.

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