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Old school games that need to make a comeback

Life before the internet – Wasn’t it rad? 

Eons a-go, when we were kids and dinosaurs ruled the earth, we used imagination and creativity to make our own fun. Kids now are spoilt for choice with iPad’s, pod’s, poo’s and alike. Our kids don’t understand how we SO loved pre-internet life.  But isn’t that such a shame? Don’t we want them to understand? Wasn’t it rad?

Kick technology and kick it old school

Like you, we at see the importance of bringing it back to basics. Good old fashion fun. Let’s kick technology just for a second and kick it old school, with these magic games from the past that are just dying to make a comeback.

44 home

Assign a land mark in your backyard to be ‘home’. The person who is ‘it’ counts to 44 at ‘home’ and then opens their eyes. The other players must try get ‘home’, without being tagged by the person who is ‘it’. Whoever is tagged becomes ‘it’ the next round! This one is fast paced fun, that will have them tired for bed in a jiffy.


 From a piece of paper to fun for hours, we bring you the chatter-box. Take the tricky out of creating these little suckers, with chatter-box master Ted Williams’ awesome, easy, follow-a-long instructional video on the how-to, for a bit of old fashion fun!

Marco polo

Have a laugh and soak up the sun (with a glass of wine in hand) while you supervise this one! What better way to beat the scorching hot summer then a classic pool game. Allocate someone to be ‘it’. The person who is ‘it’ spins around 5 times (eyes shut) and then begins swimming around the pool (still with eyes shut), calling “marco”. The other kids must sing back “polo”, until someone is tagged by the person who is ‘it’. This person then becomes ‘it’ for the next round.


Dust off your memories of playing hopscotch as a kid. Chalk, cement and a young bouncy pair of legs is all this one requires. In case you’re a little rusty on the layout and rules, we’ve got an OG hopscotch layout here for you! And remember; hop in single squares, scotch (two legs jump a part) in double squares and a jump using two legs into the final square. Totally timeless and great for the littlies.

Wink murder

This ones great for the drama queens! Allocate someone to be the ‘detective’, they must leave the room. The other children then allocate a murderer. The detective re-enters the room. The murderer must try subtly to wink (to ‘kill’ the other children in the room), whilst the detective tries to guess who the murder is.

Whether you’ve got big ones or little ones, we hope our list was helpful in getting them laughing, playing and communicating, without a device insight.


Love this! We need more analogue fun in this world 🙂 Great stuff Spencil !

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