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Meet 9yo Author Macey Cikarela

Being a published author is such a big accomplishment and something that is usually reserved for ‘when we grow up’. But 9 year old Macey Cikarela is showing us that kids can write and illustrate their very own books and have them published for the world to see!

Macey has beautifully written and illustrated her book “My Sister”, published by @hawkerbrownlow (Hawker Brownlow Education).

My Sister gives a glimpse into Macey’s family life, with a particular focus on her big sister Ruby, who has cerebral palsy. Ruby may have a disability but there are many things that she is capable of!

Written from a child’s perspective for primary school age children, this wonderful resource will help children better understand the life of a person– particularly a child – living with a disability or additional needs.

Macey & Ruby Cikarela

Whether used to help a child with additional needs settle into a new class, assist peers with understanding a classmate better or as a starting point for general discussion about inclusion and acceptance, My Sister is a story that needs to be shared in classrooms and communities around the nation.

Congratulations to our winners, who recently won a copy of this beautiful book. If you would like to learn more or order My Sister, please visit the Hawker Brownlow Education website.

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