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Hop Into: Easter Craft and Recipes For The Kids

With just 13 days until the Easter Bunny makes their infamous annual hop around the globe, it’s well and truly time to get into the holiday spirit. Keep the kids busy as they excitedly await the big day (and let’s face it, choccy gifts), with some adorable and dead easy Easter recipes and crafts.

DIY Easter Craft Ideas

  1. Easter Bonnet

Create an adorable Easter bonnet using our free Easter Bonnet Printable! Start by cutting a large rectangular strip of cardboard, large enough to wrap around your child’s head. Let your little one colour in the objects in the design, and add any extra embellishments like stickers or glitter . Let any glue dry before sticky taping the ends of the cardboard together to form a headband. There you have it, an adorable bonnet they can wear on Easter morning for their egg hunt and celebrations throughout the day.

You can also print out these cute Easter Cards for the kids to colour in and give to BFFs, grandparents and pals!

2. Easter Basket

Perfect for the Easter morning egg hunt, we absolutely love this simple Easter basket by First Palette. The kids can start by cutting some bunny ears out of cardboard and painting them and a paper cup in their colour of choice. After the paint has dried, they might want to draw some details or decorations onto your bunny ears using a permanent marker. Then glue the ears onto the inside of the cup! Next, punch some holes in either side of the cup using some scissors and thread a pipe cleaner through either hole to create a handle (little ones might need a hand with this part!) Twist the pipe cleaners to secure them in place. Finally, they can take a permanent marker and draw a cute little bunny face to finish. It’ll be the perfect place to store those delectable mini Cadbury eggs!

Fun, Easy Easter Recipes

  1. Capsi-carrot’s

We’re absolutely obsessed with these adorable Capci-carrots by Aleka’s get-together. These little healthy snacks are a nice way to keep it festive but break up the choccy consumption throughout the day. Get the kids in the kitchen, don your aprons, and grab some mini capsicums from the store cut the top of and then halve. Next, take a flavoured cream cheese (or make your own) and spoon it into the capsicums. Finally sprinkle some fresh herbs on top, with a longer sprig, top and centre to mimic a green carrot top. Delicious, adorable and nutritious, what a winner!

  1. Pineapple Chick

Have you ever seen anything quite as sweet as @kellcaruso ‘s pineapple chick snack? Kell has created a nest out of pretzel sticks and nuts for this sweet little birdie. Use a pineapple slice to create the body of your chick! Then, some apricots for feet and crest, and some adorable blackcurrant eyes. We’re honestly clucking mad for this idea – we can’t wait to try it ourselves. Truly the perfect Easter snack (and quick, healthy and best of all EASY to prepare).

It’s crazy how the easiest little things can make the holidays that bit brighter for our kids.

Seeing their smiles makes it all worth it.

Wishing you a very hoppy easter from the Spencil Team.

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