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Happy mummy, happy kiddies: 10 ways to look after yourself

When was the last time that you did something for you?

A lunch never goes unmade; a kiss goodbye is never missed; a bed time story is of course mandatory. We put so much pressure on being perfect that we run ourselves into the ground.

When did we decide that we had to be the ideal super parent who never has a minute to themselves, for themselves? There is nothing super about sacrificing your health to care for your family.

We can’t afford to be selfless

Super parents practice radical self-love. We’re not preaching downing tools to immerse yourself in yourself for days on end. Great if you’ve got the time! However, practicing self-love in even little ways keeps us healthy, happy and confident in ourselves, so we are ready and raring to care for our loved ones.

We’re not always crash hot at practicing what we preach so we’ve gone looking at what some of the experts in this area have to say. Here’s a collection of some of their ideas that we thought were brilliantly practical and helpful.

10 ways to look after yourself

1. Unplug

Beyond Blue looks at the benefits of unplugging to take ‘you time’. Apparently, 44% of us are trying to spend less time on our phones. There’s some pretty good reasons to make the effort. You already know what they are but it doesn’t hurt to reinforce the message – better health, relationships, sleep and productivity from a more ‘zen’ you. Definitely worth a quick read and reminder.

 2. At-home pampering

Draw yourself a bath or start a skin care routine! Checkout Kelly Scott’s article published by ABC Life, arming you with all the info you need to start an affordable skin routine.

 3. Practice a hobby

We adore Jan Fran’s article in ABC Life, about fighting to find a hobby that feels like meditation for your mind. We hope you do too.

 4. Exercise

A big yes from us, for Carol Raabus and Jo Joyce’s article in ABC Life, which explores how being body positive can transform your exercise experience.

 5. Catch up with a real friend

Check out Kate leaver’s tips in her article we found on ABC Life, about maintaining friendships when life gets in the way. Because it does, doesn’t it?

6. Journal (Practice positive self-talk, gratitude and mindfulness)

We wanted to share Wendy Syfret’s awesome piece from ABC Life, about the benefits of journaling as a form of self-care. How wow!

 7. Enjoy your favourite content

Check out this month’s top content (on a variety of streaming services), on this awesome list Annabelle Brady Brown, Valarie Ng and Keva York wrote for ABC Life. Happy viewing!

 8. Take yourself to your favourite place

Our team took a few tips from Madeleine Dore’s article published on ABC Life, looking at ‘the art of dating yourself’. Maybe you’ll enjoy it too!

 9. Clean your space

Decluttering my beside table makes my brain lighter. I don’t know how the science works but the process of getting rid of stuff is cathartic, lightening the load inside and out.

Check out Clare Hooper’s article on ABC Life, discussing the benefits of decluttering and tips on how to declutter your space.

 10. Wear your comfy clothes

We loved Kellie Scott’s article about loungewear on ABC Life. Kellie thinks it might just be the perfect balance between comfy and chic.

Now go on, kick off your shoes and take a load off. You deserve it!

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