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Halloween Inspired Solo Creative Play

Ghouls and witches gather around, for a spine-tingling story that’s world-renowned. It starts off on a relaxed spring afternoon, children can be heard from the backyard… they scream and swoon. The early wake-up and sports run is done and dusted and your dream of a nap from which you don’t wake is totally busted.

Okay, so that might of been a tad dramatic but hey – if Spencil is going to celebrate a spooky day we’re doing it right. Plenty of terrifying and tiring experiences make up a very small part of the joys of parenthood and we shouldn’t be afraid to admit that sometimes we really just need a break.

With that in mind, we’ve gathered up some Halloween craft ideas for boo! (Sorry that’s our spook reflex, we meant you). Keep the kids busier than the grim reaper in a nursing home with these craft projects, suitable for solo creative play for both little and big kids. Let them have fun getting in the spirit, while you take that nap you’ve been dreaming of.

For the little kids


Inspired by @mommy_craftsandlaughs, painting a pumpkin is the perfect solo project for the little ones. For a patterned pumpkin, which will make the perfect Halloween decoration for your front veranda or door, you can apply tape to the pumpkin to form guidelines for your little one to paint in. If you don’t mind a slightly more horrifying or ‘abstract’ pumpkin, you can miss the tape altogether.

To keep this project as stress-free and solo as possible, we recommend choosing a space in which you don’t mind a bit of mess (the backyard or garage) and lying some newspaper down where your little one will be working. We also recommend the use of paint markers or pens, for ease of use, increased accuracy and reduced mess.

Ghost-hands craft

Inspired by @clarkandbell.play, this project’s simplicity is pure genius. Gift your little one with a large piece of black card, some water-based white paint and a black marker. Both hands and footprints make for scary little ghosts.

To reduce the need for assistance in this activity, follow the same stress-less mess rules mentioned in the pumpkin project. You might also want to leave a wet towel or baby wipes for your little ones to wipe their hands and feet after their print-making fun.

For Big Kids

Monster Rocks

We love this awesome idea from @twitchetts, this project is perfect for kids who love to draw. Perhaps the best part of this project is that it only requires two materials, which you likely already have at home! With a few flat rocks from the driveway or the garden and some paint, your kids can make their very own monster rocks.

While you still may want to follow our stress-mess-less rules for bigger kids, they’re probably more aware and careful than the little ones. A simple activity like this one can mean the difference between an afternoon entertaining the kids and them entertaining themselves.

Halloween Finger Puppets

Don’t mind us, just absolutely adoring @sona_sparkles, recycled Halloween craft activity. Save those toilet rolls you’ve been tossing and grab some coloured craft paper and glue from the store to make some spooky little finger puppets.

This should be a relatively mess-free activity. Hurrah! And the best part is they can play with their puppets long after the project is over. Hello puppet show!

Happy crafting for your little ones and a well-deserved rest for you.

That is how we spark joy at Spencil!

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