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Festive Christmas Activities For Kids

There’s nothing more magical than Christmas time! As parents, you want to make the holidays as festive as possible, especially for your kids. If you’re looking for ways to celebrate these holidays, we’ve got some exciting ideas that are sure to add sparkle to your little one’s eyes and fill their hearts with magic! From delightful Christmas recipes, cool arts and crafts, and fun games — it’s time to deck the halls and make 2022 the best Christmas yet! Check out these festive Christmas activities for kids.

Easy Christmas Activities For Kids

When it comes to fun and easy-to-do Christmas activities for the kids, we’ve got you covered! These kid-friendly craft projects and jolly games are the perfect activities to mark down the days until Christmas!

Make your own Christmas tree

Who said Christmas trees need to be expensive? This holiday season, let your creative imaginations flow by making your own Christmas tree from everyday household items. From empty tissue rolls, mittens, tree branches, and other colourful accessories, the kids can have a lot of fun throwing together what they can find to create the most unique and whimsical trees.

Enjoy Christmas themed recipes

Christmas wouldn’t be the same without enjoying some delicious meals. Aside from the traditional glazed ham or roast turkey, there are tons of tasty Christmas recipes you can make with the kiddos. Cook up a storm with these fantastic Christmas treats!

Christmas Tree Rice Krispies

Mix a couple of marshmallow puffed rice treats in a bowl and then add a few drops of green food colouring. On a tray, place the rice crispies and shape them into triangles. Let your kids join in by adding sprinkles or candy ornaments. Use pretzel sticks as the tree’s trunk!

Chocolate Reindeer Cupcakes

Add a touch of magic to your holidays with this oh-so-yummy cupcake recipe! They’re perfect for getting little ones involved. All you need is a cupcake, chocolate spread, rice krispies, and red M&Ms! Just cover the top of the cupcake with chocolate spread, add red M&Ms for the reindeer’s nose, and use the rice crispies for the eyes!

Play Christmas Games

For an easy Christmas game, get the kids to guess what Santa’s put in the Christmas stocking! Fill a Christmas stocking with a whole range of different items (the funnier the better) and let your children guess what items might be in there only by feeling the stocking. You can use hard and easily distinguishable items like pinecones or pencils, and soft items such as Christmas toys to get the kids excited and challeged at the same time!

Fun Kids Christmas Crafts Ideas

Make your own holiday cards

Grab your kids and get them to work on this fun craft that is the perfect school holiday activity. Bring out your favourite Spencil stationery, let them design their own Christmas cards and write the sweetest homemade Christmas messages for friends and family!

Popsicle stick Christmas characters

This is another cool kids Christmas craft you can try at home! Santas, reindeers, elves, snowmen — create your favourite Christmas character puppets using popsicle sticks, felt papers, crayons, glue and googly eyes! After that, gather the kids, bring out the popcorn and it’s time for a mini Christmas show for the whole family.

Kids Christmas gift ideas for 2022

There is always something magical about watching the kids open their presents on Christmas day. Their squeals of excitement and look of delight just melts your heart. Here are some gorgeous Christmas gift ideas for the kids that they can enjoy all year!

Space Chair Bag Organiser

You and the kids will love brightening up their desk area with this gorgeous Chair Bag Organiser! With back storage pockets and velcro fasteners to suit kids school chairs and home office/bedroom chairs, it’s the perfect gift to keep them organised! Less replacements = happy days!

Flower Power Design

Perfect for tweens, this gorgeous Lunch Bag comes in one of our brand new 2023 designs! This kaleidoscope of colour and bold floral pattern has major mod vibes, with a gorgeous twist! Bunnies frolic between petals and under radiant rainbows and the world is happy and bright. A timeless print that never goes out of style!

Spencil MaD Love Notes

There’s nothing like a kind word written on a MaD Lunchbox Love Note to make a child’s heart swell to epic proportions. Aside from being a great lunchbox accompaniment, kids can also use these to write sweet messages to their friends.

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