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Empowering Young Talent: Sheyleace Stevens X Spencil

Kids and parents all around Australia have fallen in love with a very special design, from a very special Spencil Artist collaboration – ‘Turtle of Life’. We are so thrilled to have partnered with a brilliant young woman, Sheyleace Stevens, a proud Dunghutti woman, who was just 13 years old when she created her incredible artwork, which went on to become the design behind Turtle of Life. Here at Spencil, we are passionate about showcasing the artwork of inspiring young artists, and for the last 3 years have partnered with some amazingly talented kids, such as Brooke and Jesse Sutton, to bring their artwork to life on a range of Spencil products for kids all around Australia to wear and use.

Our recent collaboration with Sheyleace not only showcases the incredible talent of a young Indigenous artist but also highlights the importance of giving young creatives a platform to shine.

Our commitment to nurturing young artists is evident through initiatives like the Spencil Art Prize and collaborations with charities such as Juiced TV. Sheyleace’s journey with Spencil began when she won the Spencil Art Prize in 2022 in the 9-13 years age category for her artwork, ‘Waterways.’ This recognition paved the way for our 2023 Artist Collaboration, leading to the creation of the Turtle of Life range.

Sheyleace’s inspiration for her art stems from her proud Dunghutti heritage and her deep connection to her community and culture. Through her art, she aims to inspire others to connect with their elders and learn more about the land they live on. Sheyleace told us, “I’m a proud Dunghutti woman living on Birpai land in Port Macquarie. My family come from Dunghutti country in Crescent Head on the Mid North Coast of NSW. I am growing up on Birpai land in Port Macquarie. My art has helped me connect with my culture and community. Sharing time with my elders on country doing art work and learning about my family’s history is very inspiring. Painting is very relaxing and the beautiful country around me gives me lots of ideas for painting. I really enjoy the local beaches, that is where I get a lot of inspiration for colours. I am hoping my art works inspires other people to connect with their elders and learn more about the land on which we live. As a child I think we can learn so much from our elders. Art is possible by anyone but the connection to country his special.”

The symbolism behind her choice of a turtle in Turtle of Life reflects resilience, perseverance, and the unique beauty of Indigenous culture. Asked about why she was inspired to create her artwork, Sheyleace told us ” I chose to do a turtle because of the colours, and the uniqueness of the turtle inspires me by how the turtle moves in the ocean and how it swims. Turtles are unlike any other animal; they are just unique and one of a kind. A turtle means to me to keep going, keep swimming, just moving… you’ll get there. “

Winning the Spencil Art Prize was a significant moment for Sheyleace, boosting her confidence and motivation to continue pursuing her passion for art. Her collaboration with Spencil was a dream come true, and seeing her artwork come to life on a range of products filled her with joy and pride.

“Sheyleace said of winning the Spencil Art Prize and of the collaboration with Spencil, “The Spencil Art Prize was really good, I was just so impressed that I won because there were so many really, really, really good artworks in there. They should be proud of themselves as well, but I was so glad the judges chose to pick me, and it just makes me feel proud of myself and makes me want to keep going with my art. When Spencil wanted me to do this, I was jumping up and down actually, I was that excited! The Spencil product when I saw it today, I was just impressed, I was just so happy with how it turned out and not just impressed with the artwork, but impressed by how it came together as a whole. Seeing the colours for the first time, I was really glad with it. From a distance, it was really bright.”

Sheyleace is an exceptional young woman, and her talents extend beyond art. Sheyleace is also an accomplished tumbler (floor gymnast), ranking among the top 50 tumblers in Australia! Sheyleace also creates hand-painted healing stones and canvas artwork for sale, as well as a foray into fashion design, with her range Guparr Clothing. Wow!

As Sheyleace continues to carve her path as an artist, her future looks bright with possibilities. She dreams of showcasing her art internationally and becoming more recognised in the global art scene. ” I would really love to go overseas and do one of those artworks over there, like a big artwork. I would just love to be invited to go overseas, to another country, but I need to be more well known and get my name out there to do so…but that’s the goal. I will continue doing shows. I’ve just put an artwork in South West Rocks. I have artworks in many different galleries, like the Kempsey Art Gallery. Some of my rocks and artworks are up there.”

As you can see, Sheyleace’s dedication to her craft and her commitment to preserving and celebrating Indigenous culture are truly inspiring.

The Turtle of Life and Waterways ranges have been immensely popular, truly resonating with kids and parents all across Australia.

Sheyleace’s partnership with Spencil is a testament to the transformative power of art and the importance of providing opportunities for young artists to thrive. As we celebrate Sheyleace’s journey, we eagerly anticipate the remarkable contributions she will continue to make to the world of art and beyond.

If you haven’t already, check out Sheyleace’s captivating Turtle of Life and Waterways ranges on our website – we know you’ll love them as much as we do!

Here’s to Sheyleace and the countless dreams she’s yet to paint onto the canvas of her life. Keep shining bright, Sheyleace – the world is yours for the creating!

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