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Cover your school books with awesome book covers!

School books have a tough life. They’re tossed around, stuffed in bags, scribbled on and splashed with unidentified liquids (is that ice cream!?). Yet they are an essential part of school life and thus must armour up if they have any chance of surviving the school year. Enter – the reusable book cover!

What should I cover my school books with?

Reusable school book covers are the holy grail for parents and the perfect way to cover school books. They’re made from non-toxic certified PVC Reach material so they’re super durable and will protect exercise books no matter what your kids throw at them. They’re incredibly easy to use (even the kids can put them on in seconds) and they’re reusable so just slip them on next year’s books and you’re good to go!

Will a plastic book cover protect school books?

Covering school books with a plastic book cover is a great way to protect your kids books from wear and tear. We like to use reusable book covers which offer the protection you need but are more environmentally friendly since you can use them again each year! Using a plastic book cover is a good way to extend the life of your books, whether it’s a school book, exercise book or scrapbook.

Are there different colours and patterns available?

Absolutely! Aesthetic book covers allow your children to celebrate their individuality with colours, patterns and designs that are as unique as they are. Let your kids choose a cool book cover that has their favourite character, hobby or interest on it. This also helps kids find their books easily in the classroom because their favourite designs stand out against the others!

Where can I find aesthetic book covers?

Find them online at Spencil.

We have an extensive range of book covers available online with designs and patterns to suit every interest, hobby and passion! Let your little ones show off their personality and choose a matching book cover with their backpack, lunch bag and water bottle.

Whether they love adorable cat themes, magical unicorn designs, or fantastic dinosaur and space adventures, we have a book cover they’ll adore! Need ideas? Get inspired by these gorgeous school book covers!

Here are our top picks:

Adorable puppy scrapbook covers for preschoolers:

Make learning more fun with a Space Adventure book cover:

Inspire creative writing with Yarrawala:

Go on a cosmic journey with horse book covers:

Do book coverings come in different sizes?

Our school book covers are available in 3 different sizes – exercise, A4 and scrapbook. There’s a book cover to fit every one of your child’s school books.

Exercise Book Covers – 9×7″ exercise books (225 x 175mm) *up to 128 pages

A4 Book CoversA4 exercise books (297 x 210mm) *up to 128 pages

Scrapbook Coversstandard scrapbooks (335 x 245mm) *up to 128 pages

How to use reusable book covers

Our reusable book covers are quick and easy to use – it takes just 10 seconds to put one on! Even the kids can do it, so get them involved and your back to school prep will be done in no time.

  1. Lay your reusable book cover on a clean, flat surface with the pattern face down.
  2. Take your exercise book and slip the back cover into the side pocket.
  3. Then repeat the process for the front cover.
  4. Straighten the slip on plastic book cover. Use your finger and thumb to press along the edge so that the book cover sits flat.
  5. Make any adjustments until you’re happy with the fit.

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