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Celebrate This Mother’s Day With a Mummy and Me Activity

We can’t help but smile when handed the same old “best mum mug” or undeniably adorable misspelled handmade card, that made its way home from school just a little crumpled. It’s a right of passage and an important part of feeling appreciated by your family for your tireless efforts, day in and day out. 

While we’re grateful, material gifts can’t always express the gravity of this day and what it means. Every nappy you’ve changed, every sleepless night, every tear you’ve wiped, every sandwich you’ve made, every birthday party you’ve planned, every school drop off, every kiss, every hug, every kind word. 

Being a mum is ultimately our life’s greatest joy and challenge. A full-time job that quite often involves putting yourself last on the priority list.

We’ll be the first to say, as much as we love a good fluffy robe… you need a medal, you need a parade dedicated to you, you need national recognition on the news during prime time TV because you’re that amazing at what you do. 

But somehow we’re sure – a few kind words and a joyful day, spending well needed quality time with your family (and maybe an hour or two of me-time!) would be just the ticket to fill your cup. 

With that in mind, we’ve picked the brains of our team to bring you our favourite mummy and me activities, that’ll make you and the ones you love so much smile. 

After all, that’s all that really matters anyway. 

  1. Family Talent Show

After some much deserved breakfast in bed, what better way to start the morning than with a little light entertainment. 

Whether you’ve got a little dancer, singer, comedian or a karate master, let them showcase their talent and appreciation of you by hosting your very own “I love mum” themed talent show from the comfort of your bed. 

Finally you’ll see the fruits of all those after school activities you’ve been ferrying them around to! With that being said, they should have a trick or two up their sleeves already but if they need some inspiration for their act you can show them this list to get their brains ticking. 

Laugh with and marvel at the gorgeously special and talented little humans you’ve created, while they pull out every trick in the book in a bid to impress their mama. 

Don’t forget to film their performances – a lasting reminder of just how special you are to your family and enough to make you smile even on the cloudiest of days.

  1. Family Yoga

Needing a bit of zen? Some backyard family yoga is a great activity option for mums who love getting active.

Enjoy your practice in the morning or afternoon to set a calm and blissful tone for the day.

Roll out your mat in the backyard, put on some relaxing music, and soak up the sun and some much-needed endorphins.

If it’s your first time doing yoga, we find that following along with a YouTube tutorial is the easiest and most stress-free way to get started.

Sweat it out with beginner flow, challenge yourself to hold some fun and crazy poses, or have a ball practicing some couples yoga, (which is a lot like acrobatics). 

Rest assured it will be a fun bonding experience that leaves you and your family feeling better than before having participated. 

  1. Family Picnic 

You might be thinking to yourself “every day is so hectic, I really just want a day based around enjoying myself, with some good food and wine and the company of my amazing family”. 

To that we say, amen sister! Let’s make that dream a reality. 

Whether you pop to the shops during the week to pick up your favourite bread, prosciutto, dips and wine, or order your favourite take away to enjoy on a rug in the great outdoors.

Spend the afternoon enjoying the autumn breeze, indulging in delicious food and chatting with the ones you love most.

  1. Family Paint and Sip 

Where are all the creative Mama’s at? This one’s for you.

Pick up some canvases from the local dollar store and make use of that massive craft box sitting in the playroom.

Set up some canvases in a mess friendly space, grab your paintbrushes and get ready to get arty! 

We love the idea of challenging the kids to paint a family portrait, that way you can keep their masterpiece and hang it on your bedroom wall as a momento of your special day. 

Otherwise follow along with an easy YouTube painting tutorial for a fun challenge.

The “sip” aspect of this activity is up for interpretation. The kids might want to sip on some cordial or coconut water, personally we prefer a glass of red or two to lighten the mood! 

  1. Family Pool or Beach Day 

There is something so therapeutic about spending a day by the water. 

If you can spare the time to make a trip to the beach it’s almost always worth it. If not, a home or public pool could also do the trick! 

Spend the day relaxing under your umbrella, sand between your toes and salt in your veins. 

Fish and chips for lunch and a cheeky ice cream in the afternoon, for a nostalgic day your family won’t soon forget. 

We hope you have a marvellous Mother’s Day, we know whatever you decide to do will be special to you. 

Here’s to you. 

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