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Back-to-school: we’re hoping for the best

The lead up to heading back to school can be a stressy time. Even without a global pandemic, it’s rife with emotions, anxiety, excitement and downright busy-ness. It’s always been our mission to make this period as easy as it can be for mums and dads, and exciting for kids.

Add in our current challenges and parents are feeling the collective weight of the world.

We are all exhausted by the havoc the pandemic has wreaked on our lives but no one more so than our MaDs. With every interruption, in all your own fear and upset, you’ve kept your children safe and provided a sense of ‘normal’ in a situation that is anything but. From lockdowns, to home schooling, to becoming your little ones ballet teacher because their school closed down, you’ve carried their happiness and health on your back.


With restrictions now gradually lifting and the nation on the road to return to what they’re calling ‘the new normal’, we all hope to see some ‘normal’ for our kids this year too. Our fingers and toes are crossed that after this initial adjustment, the remainder of the school year could be smooth sailing. Or at the very least, interruption free.

In this time our focus is as it has always been, making our MaDs life easier among all the challenges of parenthood and sparking joy in your kids that have been through so much. In all trials and tribulations, your children have shown such inspiring resilience in their own unique ways. We will continue to foster and celebrate this uniqueness in every child, in the ways we know how.  

Just know that we share in your hope that this too shall pass. We share in your hope for peace and happiness for our children. We share in your hope that things will get better.

Sometimes just knowing that you’re not doing it alone can be enough to feel strong.

You and your family will get through this and we’re there with you, every step of the way.

Are you or your child struggling to cope with COVID?

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