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Things to look forward to in their 5th year

Funny little creatures  

Our kids are funny little creatures! Children between the ages of four and five remain creative and playful, while experiencing significant development in their speech and their understanding and expressing of their emotions.

What does this mean for us as parents

Approaching age five there’s lots to look forward to on the funny stories, statements and questions front. When the unique perspective and curiosity of children is added to by their new-found ability to express themselves, the results are hilarious.

We asked the mums in our wider circle to tell us some of the cutest, funniest and most embarrassing things they heard their kids say at five. We hope these have you rolling on the floor and getting just a little bit excited about what’s to come in their fifth year.

Leila – mother to Sean (now 27) and Mia (now 20) 

Some of Leila’s fondest memories of her children are from the fabulous five stage. Here are some hilarious stories Leila shared with us about her son Sean.

  • One day Sean burped and, turning excitedly to Leila, announced “Mummy, I just croaked!” He had been fascinated by frogs for a while at that stage, so it was probably no surprise that he felt like he was becoming one.
  • When Sean got excited he would often say that he had butterflies in his tummy and that they were coming up in his throat. We wondered if he had imagined the butteflies flying out of his mouth, if he talked too much.
  • After a day at play group, Sean explained to Leila that one of the kids in his class looked like a cheetah. Imagine trying to explain freckles to a five year old because cheetah spots is so much more exotic.

Nikki – mother to India (now 17), Eli (now 14) and Jed (now 10) 

With three kids already long gone through their fifth year on earth – Nikki still has plenty of great memories of each of them from year five.

  • After a long drive from Brisbane to Rockhampton (8 hours for you non Queenslander’s) the city lights finally appeared. From the backseat Jed’s little voice was heard saying, “Ah, civilisation at last!”. Not a phrase Rocky commonly has attributed to it… but locals no doubt agree.
  • Quite the joker youngest Jed! On his way home from coffee with Nikki and her friends, he declared “I would like to do that again, with the same people”. As he’s often the source of amusing witticisms, he was often invited back.
  • The house was too quiet for a Saturday. Knowing there was mischief in the house Nikki went to investigate. A mother’s instincts are always right. She found India shampooing Eli’s hair with a bottle of fluourescent green craft paint. The rest of the afternoon was spent in the backyard with the hose removing said paint.

Jewels – mother to Ocea (now 7) and Santo (now 4)

Jewels shared some cute little stories with us about her daughter Ocea. Biggest sources of anxiety during her fifth year… logistics behind the tooth fairy and Santa!

  • One big chomp down into a scotch finger saw Ocea’s tooth dislodge. Silently petrified Ocea focused hard, “Don’t swallow, don’t swallow, don’t swallow!” How would the tooth fairy ever get to a tooth in the pit of her stomach?More importantly, when would the tooth fairy be arriving with a shiny gold coin? When it had passed?

  • Ocea was also concerned about Santa breaking and entering to deliver gifts. It just didn’t sit right with her, so Jewels and her partner had to leave gifts at the front door for the children instead.

Five is a fascinating year. If it’s coming up for you, get yourself a journal to record those funny moments that are about to happen.

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