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5 Show Day Activities You Can Recreate With the Family!

How great was going to the Brisbane Ekka, Royal Easter, Melbourne Royal, Royal Canberra,  Royal Hobart, Royal Adelaide, Perth Royal or Royal Darwin shows as a kid? There were endless carnival rides to try, thrilling monster truck shows, adorable petting zoos and the all important show bag!

With the Royal Queensland Show kicking off this month and such fond memories floating back to us, we thought we would bring the show stopping fun to you, no matter where you are!

Here are 5 FUNtastic Show Day activities you can recreate at home with the whole family!

Image Credit: The Common Good

Home Made Strawberry Sundae

If you’ve been to the Ekka, you’ll know that the Strawberry Sundae is an absolute icon of the Brisbane Show! This sweet delight is a surprise with every bite, layering delicious strawberry ice cream with fresh Queensalnd strawberries, vanilla and whipped cream!

Not only does this Strawberry Sundae taste great but it also does great things for medical research. For the last 34 years, The Common Good has been serving sundaes and raising money for the Prince Charles Hospital Foundation. Here’s their guide to making your very own Strawberry Sundae at home.

Strut Your Stuff

You can’t have a day at the show without seeing some pooches on parade! These talented doggos leap through hoops and race through agility courses to be crowned the ‘Best In Show’. This is a fun one to recreate at home with your kids and four legged friend! Grab the kids, some outdoor props and doggie treats. Then create your own course and see who can race through the obstacles in the fastest time. We guarantee there will be many laughs and misbehaving dogs!

Motocross Madness

Kids, get your toy motorbikes and monster trucks ready! This is one rampage you won’t want to miss. Get outside where your death defying drivers can race through the mud, fly through the sky and slide through the dirt without destroying the house! Your adrenaline junkies can celebrate their win with their very own Camo Biker gear!

Paddock to Plate

The Royal Queensland Show is all about bringing the country to the city. It celebrates agriculture and teaches kids important lessons about where their food comes from. With kids not often exposed to farm life, there are ways we can educate them at home and give them a greater understanding of how their food gets from the paddock to their plate!

Get the kids out in the garden and encourage them to play with the soil, discover animals and insects and explore the backyard. If you have a veggie patch, ask your children to water the plants and harvest your next crop, so they can see, feel and experience where fresh veggies come from. As an added bonus, research suggests that children who experience growing food themselves are more likely to enjoy it! That’s a win for us.

Family Fun Bags

What could be better than ending your family show day with a Spencil Fun Bag! That’s right, we’ve bundled up our favourite goodies into a huge selection of show bags so you can celebrate the Royal Queensland Show from the comfort of your own home. There are over 20 different Fun Bags to choose from and with an incredible value saving up to 75% off the retail price, you’ll be hard pressed to pick just one!!

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