‘Gourmet’ with ‘lunchbox’ should never be seen!

To all the busy parents who think the same, we're on Team You!

If you’re not a hatted chef or skilled baker you probably don’t fancy spending your precious days or hours off prepping lunches. Why the hell should you?! One small hitch… you have a gluten intolerant child.

Gluten Free Snacks don’t have to be tricky!

Every parenting blog ever serves up 15 ingredient muesli bars, muffins and meatball recipes for a gluten free alternative. Who's got time to be perfect? We'd like to celebrate a simpler approach that makes everyone happy.

Gluten-free snacks don’t have to be tricky. To prove it's true, we’ve found some ridiculously easy and tasty snack combos. Put these pantry staples together in a matter of minutes and your child will think you're ace.

So please, enjoy! You can thank us later!

Gluten free lunchbox treats for intolerant tummies

•    Rice cakes with:

cream cheese + sultanas 
peanut butter + banana

•    Yogurt + gluten free granola.

•    Popcorn + honey OR butter.

•    Vegetable sticks (carrot, celery, cucumber or capsicum) with gluten free hummus.
•    Baked vegetable rounds (apple, sweet potato or zucchini).
•    Gluten free wrap with ham cheese and tomato.
•    Roasted chickpeas (Gluten-free Store bought).
•    Gluten-free Tortilla chips and guacamole OR refried beans.
•    Dried fruit (dates, sultanas, currants, cranberries etc…) and nuts.
•    Gluten-free rice crackers and cheese.

Thank you!

Enjoy your pain-free lunchbox and snack making and from the team at Spencil, thanks for reading. We are glad we could help.