Spencil Writers Prize

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Excitement has brewed, the anticipation unbearable. The verdict from our judges is finally declarable! The victors for the 2021 Spencil Writers Prize... could it be you? Your entries were all so magnificent, it made it tricky to pick just two!

Our Spencil Judges and team were blown away by the power of your words, which ring true and clear, step aside oldies... the next generation of writers are here!

They say winner takes all but we don't think that's true, your stories, poems and comics were wildly creative and flamboyantly you. Keep writing creative and pouring words onto the page, because your creativity and self-expression, colours and lights up the world that can be otherwise beige!

Meet Nansi, Rebecca and Rochelle, Wordsmith Extraordaires, who dedicated their precious time to decide on the winning pair.

Now take a deep breath and drum roll, please!

Our winners' pieces brought our esteemed judges in awe to their knees. Let's rejoice and clap for our winners, they deserve it indeed... They've scored themselves great prizes and will be celebrated on our blog, Facebook and Instagram feeds!

Words From Our Judges

This was an engaging story about a child at a family celebration, with touches of humour, solid story structure, and consistent storytelling style. The writing feels authentic and takes us inside the head of the main character. I enjoyed the humorous touches and the resilience demonstrated by the main character in facing down her problem. The ending is satisfying, both for the reader and for the protagonist: the folding over of the banana leaf being symbolic to everyone present at the meal, while also cleverly demonstrating that the 'antagonist' (eggplant curry!) has been soundly defeated.


Words From Our Judges

An imaginative piece of writing with great heart, showing understanding for these wild animals, finally free. This young writer shows an impressive command of language and uses dscription, alliteration and simile to set the scene and to take the reader on an emotional journey - from the 'cramped crowded cage' at the beginning of the piece to the wonderful sense of space, freedom and joy at the end.


Wonderful descriptions and picture. Clever idea.


There were so many gorgeous entries that we couldn't help but award some very special mentions! As a surprise, we'll be sending a Special Spencil Prize Pack to these two lucky kids!