Slip-on book covers for kids - fun designs

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There's a book cover to fit every one of your child's school books.

Find your perfect fit.

The Back-to-School saviour for every parent.

We promise. Spencil book covers are for the Mums and Dads who don't want to spend 800 hours wrestling with sticky book covering... at 2am... on the night before school starts. Those days are over.

Spencil introduced gorgeously uniquely designed, slip-on, reusable book covers to parents everywhere over 10 years ago. And there was a collective sigh of relief.

After all, we are on team MaDs (Mums and Dads).

You'll be covering books in 10 seconds or less, which makes the process less of a dreaded chore and more of a JOYOUS DREAM.

They come in so many gorgeous designs, for every kind of kid. They'll be more than proud to get their books out!

Let us cover the books we fit

Exercise Book Covers

fit all

9x7" exercise books (225 x 175mm)

*up to 128 pages

A4 Book Covers

fit all

A4 exercise books (297 x 210mm)

*up to 128 pages

Scrapbook Covers

fit all 

standard scrapbooks (335 x 245mm) 

*up to 128 pages


*A4 exercise books need A4 Book Covers, not Exercise Book Covers!

Big ticks from Spencil parents