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Chilled Lunch Bags

Spencil's Cooler Lunch Bag + Chill Pack = A match made in heaven.

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Chilled Lunch Bags

No matter their age, preschoolers, teens, and even grown-ups have one thing in common: packed lunches! Nothing is better for kids than a lunch packed with their favourite meal made with love. As a parent, it’s our job to ensure your kids get the right amount of nutrients to give them energy throughout the school day.

Packing a nutritious lunch that your child also loves will ensure they’re getting the necessary fuel and sustained energy they need to perform their best in the classroom and on the field. However, no matter how healthy and delicious the food is that you put in their kids lunch bags, it can be spoiled if not packed properly. Make sure their food is stored at a safe temperature until lunchtime with a lunch cooler bag.

Whilst good taste, nutrition and food presentation are important in enticing your kids to eat their meals, it is also necessary that the food remains at a safe temperature. Insulated lunch bags can help maintain an optimum temperature and ensure the food remains fresh until lunchtime.

Lunch cooler bags usually contain an outer layer made of fabric like vinyl, nylon or polyester with a water-resistant inner layer to keep food fresh and dry. Spencil Little Cooler Lunch Bags and Big Cooler Lunch Bags are made from aluminium food-safe insulated lining to keep contents fresher for longer. The Spencil Chill Pack is a 4-layer aluminium gel ice pack that snugly fits into the lunch cooler bag.

Why keep kids' lunch bags cold?

Foodborne illnesses can multiply rapidly at temperatures between 5°C and 60°C. Insulated lunch bags are the perfect way to keep their lunch fresh for the whole school day. Kids' lunch bags provide maximum insulation to keep their favourite meals cold for hours. Using an insulated container with a chill gel pack not only keeps your little one’s meal safe to eat but also helps prevent boring bagged lunches!

How do you keep kids lunch boxes cold?

If you’re packing a hot lunch, use our insulated lunch bag to keep the meal hot until lunchtime. Perishable foods, on the other hand, like cold-cut sandwiches, yogurt, and salad are best kept cold with a Spencil Chill Pack. Using an insulated lunch bag and a chilled freezer gel pack will help perishable foods stay cold and safe to eat until lunch.

Our Chill Packs are the perfect companion to the Cooler Lunch Bags. Certified food safe, this 4-layer aluminium gel pack comes with a handy machine-washable cover that you will love, along with the fact that it keeps your child's lunch cool all day. The Cooler Lunch Bags come with a back zip pocket that perfectly fits the Chill Pack, a name card pocket and an additional inside pocket for 'Love Notes'! Above all, this lunch bag combo is quick and easy to clean.

If lunches are packed the night before, keep them refrigerated until the kids are ready to leave for school. Foods that are safe to eat at room temperature include peanut butter sandwiches, bread, fresh fruits, cookies, cereal bars, nuts, dried fruits and more.

Cute insulated lunch bags

If you are looking for the best range of insulated lunch bags Australia has to offer, we’ve got tons of cute insulated lunch bags available for you. Choose from our huge range of school lunch bags made with fantastic designs to make every lunchtime all the more exciting! Whether you’re looking for an ocean, floral, or horse lunch box theme, there’s one you child will love. Our Cooler Lunch Bag and Chill Pack combo is a match made in heaven!

It might be cliche, but adding that personal touch to your kid’s lunch, whether it’s an encouraging note or quick reminder, can go a long way. From tiny preschoolers to grade schoolers, knowing that we are always thinking of them is a great feeling at any age!