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Children's Book Week

Our special collaboration with the Children’s Book Council of Australia, with a capsule range themed on the Children's Book WeekTM 2024 theme each year. The theme for 2024 is 'Reading is Magic!'.

The gorgeous illustration featured across the Book Week range is by feature artist, Jess Racklyeft. Jess explains her design: “Reading really is magic. It can take you to other worlds, explore new ideas and help you understand a different person. How magic is that! This design I wanted to combine two magical aspects of reading – fiction and non-fiction. I created small icons with some my favourite fantasy worlds. Things like a mermaid, dragon, wild birds and butterflies and even a cat holding a star!” Jess included references to illustrations from previous years. See if you can spot designs from year’s past! All set within outer space which fascinates her as “books really can take you anywhere”.