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Lunch Bags and Boxes

Keep your kids' food fresh (and fun!) with this super cute lunch bag! 

Lunch bags are a constant part of life for every school-age child. The usefulness of these simple containers is sometimes underrated, as they help to keep your kids nourished and fulfilled as they go about their daily activities. Food is an essential part of school life, with lunch bags used to protect items from damage and keep them cool throughout the day. At Spencil, we have a huge selection of colourful kids' lunch bags to choose from, big lunch bags for the big kids and little lunch bags for littler kids. To keep their lunch cool all day, combine your child's favourite insulated lunch bag with a chill pack, so your kids can enjoy fresh, delicious food at any time. If you want to buy kids' lunch bags, you're in the right place.

Lunch bags with personality

School lunch bags have one fundamental purpose — to protect food from damage. In order to keep it delicious and safe for eating, you need to protect it from bumps, bruises, and environmental damage. Just like school backpacks and library bags, however, school lunch bags are capable of so much more. When you combine strong designs and quality materials with vibrant images, you can fill lunchtime with wonder and joy. When your kids' lunch bag is colourful and personal, they are more likely to feel confident and much more likely to enjoy their food.

At Spencil, we create awesome school lunch bags that are made for fun. If your child struggles with organisation, lunch bags help to keep all their food together in one place. If they feel a little lost or alone in the busy school environment, these bags add a little touch of home. We have a wide range of lunch box bag products to choose from, with multiple designs available for boys and girls of all ages. We have bags for little and big kids, including drawstring bags, library bags, tech carry cases, backpacks, chair bags, totes, and clean and dirty bags to keep items separated. If you're looking for fresh and vibrant lunch bags at a great price to make their school and every-day kit complete, we have exactly what you need.

Why choose Spencil

At Spencil, we love to inspire Aussie kids with great products for school, play and everything in between. We believe in great products, accessible prices, and fast shipping across Australia. We run an inclusive family business with strong ethics and a growing product range. Instead of focusing on ‘exclusive’ branded content, we like to mix things up. We put your kids first by replacing labels with vibrant colours and natural designs. We are based in southeast Queensland and ship daily to homes across Australia.

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