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Art Smocks

Kids Art Smocks

Our Kids Art Smocks are the perfect solution for messy art and craft sessions! Designed with little creators in mind, these paint shirts are crafted to keep your child's clothing clean and protected while they explore their creativity at home and school. No more accidental art on their favourite shirt or pants!

What is a paint shirt for school?

So what exactly is a paint shirt for school, you ask? Well, it's a protective smock specifically designed for kids to wear over their clothes during messy activities like painting, crafting, or cooking. Our kids art smocks are lightweight and comfortable, featuring easy-to-fasten velcro straps to ensure a perfect fit for every little artist.

Can kids use an art smock at school?

Absolutely! Many schools encourage the use of art smocks to minimize mess and keep uniforms clean during creative activities. Our art smocks for kids are school-approved and come in a range of fun designs to suit every young Picasso's style.

Is a kids craft smock the same as an art smock?

While they serve a similar purpose, our art smocks are specially designed to protect against liquids. The water-resistant fabric is ready to handle any splash or spill that comes its way - whether that be watercolour mishaps, acrylic extravagance or knocked-over juice box! Just a quick wipe clean and it's as good as new. No need to worry about stubborn stains or time-consuming laundry sessions.

Where to buy cute kids art smocks?

Ready to outfit your little artist with the perfect paint shirt? Look no further! Our kids art smocks are available in a great range of vibrant patterns to inspire creativity. Plus, when the artistic adventure is over these smocks fold up neatly into their own pocket - a compact and convenient answer to mess! Shop online today.