Bonjour! This week on the blog we are introducing a very chic member of the Spencil family, Paris Girl! Paris Girl is our poised fashionista. She always carries her camera in her swing bag to be sure she never misses a special moment and dresses every morning in her signature pink beret. Her pup Abella is always trotting by her side and likes to take long walks with Paris through the city in the late afternoon.

We sat down with Paris Girl to ask her a few questions and find out more about her and Abella.

Favourite Colour: I like to stick to block colours, very fashionable right now are pink, red and blue.
Favourite Thing to Do: Abella and I both like to go on long walks through the city, sometimes we will stop for lunch under the Eiffel Tower. Bread sticks for me, dog treats for Abella.
Favourite Subject: English has always been my best subject, I love reading novels and then critiquing them!
Favourite Spencil Item: All the journals, I have always kept a diary but the prettiest ones come from Spencil!