This week we are introducing a group of friends that are absolutely bursting with cuteness! Our Sundae Sweeties live in a world where Everyday is a Sundae!

They enjoy every moment they get to spend together as a group, especially time outdoors in playgrounds and parks under skies filled with pink clouds and rainbows.

Today we sat down with Violet Whip the Ice Cream Cone, Smart Cookie & Sweet Shake, Sprinkles the Donut, Pepperminty and their fruity friends to have a chat about some of their favourite things!

Favourite Colour - We all love pink and purple!
Favourite thing to do - For us, Everyday is a Sundae so we like to spend our time all together playing outside. We also love having picnics under the rainbow! We take our Spencil cushions and set-up a nice afternoon watching clouds.
Favourite Subject - We all like different subjects, which is great because we can teach and help one another in each of our favourite classes!
Favourite Spencil Item - We love all the scented gel pens so our drawings smell as sweet as they look.